Welcome to Foundation at Parkdale Primary School!




Each week the children have a specific letter and/or sound focus. In Foundation, we use Letterland, Cued Articulation and Sunshine Online to assist teaching and learning of Phonics.


Literacy Rotations

We have a Literacy Rotations session once a week. This is when the students work in small ‘like ability’ groups on a range of different reading and writing activities. One group at a time does a focused activity with the teacher. This allows us to teach explicit reading strategies in small groups and at student’s point of need. We also invite parents to come and assist with our weekly Literacy Rotations sessions.




We use the CAFE reading program to assist in teaching our students a variety of reading strategies. These focus on developing students’ Comprehension, Accuracy, Fluency and Expanding Vocabulary. These strategies will become tools for the children to use to help themselves become better readers and writers.




We have set writing sessions throughout the week. Each Monday morning we write a recount and throughout the year we explore different writing genres, such as narratives, information texts, letter writing, procedural texts and more. 




Speaking and Listening

Foundation children participate in Show and Tell approximately once a fortnight. Children also have opportunities to develop their speaking and listening skills through the use of the Seesaw app, as well as various classroom activities.




Maths Groups

We have 5 Maths sessions a week (Number is our main focus but we also cover the topics of Measurement, Space and Chance and Data activities). We have 4 Maths Groups sessions in a week and the fifth Maths lesson is Problem Solving. 

Problem Solving

Once a week, students will do Problem Solving maths in their own classroom. During this session, children learn problem solving skills such as making a model, acting it out, drawing a picture or diagram and more.




Social skills

Children participate in 1-2 Social Skills lessons a week, plus incidental lessons. We incorporate the Resilience Project, MYTERN and the You Can Do It program to ensure students build emotional literacy, resilience and the social skills needed to deal with their first year of school. We also focus on building understanding of our school 'Super Six' values. 



Students study different inquiry topics each term. In Foundation, we cover the topics of Materials, Transport, Healthy Me, The 5 Senses and Animals.  




(Science, Technology, Engineering, Art, Maths)

Children participate in 1-2 STEAM lessons a week. Our STEAM lessons are quite often linked with other curriculum areas, particularly our Inquiry units. To allow children to explore different areas of STEAM, we provide 'Tinker Time', which gives the children an opportunity to design, create and build with very small boundaries. 

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