2023 Resource Lists

2023 Student Resource Lists are now available from Campion Education 


Parkdale PS code  YRQW  

If you set up an account last year you will be able to login using the same details. If not, you can set up a new account. 

Please see below links for each Year Levels Resource List. 

2023 Foundation Resource List

2023 Year 1 Resource List

2023 Year 2 Resource List

2023 Year 3 Resource List

2023 Year 4 Resource List

2023 Year 5 Resource List

2023 Year 6 Resource List

We have endeavored to keep the cost of the lists as low as possible whilst still supplying children with everything that they need. Students will require all items on their list but there is the capacity to retain some items from this year.  Teachers will endeavor to send home unused items as soon as possible.
  It is certainly up to parents as to whether you order from Campion or source materials yourself. We would, however, highly recommend that you carefully consider ordering through the Campion system. This ensures that children receive exactly what is required. . When making the decision about purchasing materials from Campion please consider the following:

  • The quality of the materials from Campion is excellent. Cheaper is not always a good option. Cheap glue sticks for example are just not effective.
  • Workbooks must have the correct line spacings and dotted thirds which is different for each grade level. 
  • Handwriting books are specific and the children must have the exact handwriting book that is listed on their form

If you would like your order from Campion to be home delivered, your order must be completed online before 14th December.  Delivery will then take place by 25th January at a discounted cost . Orders for delivery after this date will incur a higher cost and there is no guarantee of delivery before school starts.    If you would prefer to Click and collect your order from Campion there will be an online option to do this in early January.    Alternatively, you can go directly to Campion ( 232-236 Wickham Road, Moorabbin)  in January with your list and they will compile the order whilst you wait. Please check the website for details on trading hours.

Please note that students will require all items on the Resource List.  We have indicated items that you may like to source yourself or retain from this year but the children must arrive on the first day of 2023 with everything on their list.




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