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From the Principal

District Swimming

Congratulations to the PPS swimming team who participated in the district   swimming event on Wednesday. The children put in an amazing performance in the pool finishing first in the district. Their sportsmanship and encouragement of others was outstanding. 14 students will now participate in the division swimming on Monday. We wish them all the very best.

Emergency Management

Next week as part of our Emergency Management Procedures we will be undertaking an ‘On-Site evacuation’. Our staff and students participate in these drills every year to help develop safe habits should a real life emergency at school occur.


Due to COVID-19 NAPLAN was cancelled in 2020. NAPLAN will return this year with Years 3 and 5 sitting NAPLAN over a 2 week period—Tuesday 11th to Thursday 20th May. We will confirm the exact days/dates next term.

Students in Years 3 and 5 will be undertaking NAPLAN preparation prior to the tests.

COVIDSafe behaviours

The most important action school communities can take to reduce the risk of spreading COVID-19 is to ensure that any unwell staff and students remain at home and get tested, even with the mildest of symptoms. It is also important to get tested when the Department of Health recommends it, for example, if you have visited an exposure site. 

  • COVIDSafe behaviours:  
  • Stay home when unwell
  • Practise good hygiene
  • Ensure physical distancing
  • Wear a face mask when required and recommended avoid interactions in enclosed spaces.

Any child who is unwell MUST NOT attend school. If your child is complaining of feeling unwell, sore throat, runny nose, coughing, sneezing etc., they must remain at home and seek medical advice.

IMPORTANT: Working with Children’s Check

Parents require a Working with Children’s Check if they are attending camp, excursions and volunteering in the school e.g.: classroom reading, literacy groups, garden club, etc. Applying for a WWC is done online and is free if you click on the volunteer category.

Please note: Parents need to have a WWC card before they can volunteer in the school

Community Events

Ladies Night - Saturday 13th March

PPA have organised a ‘Ladies Night’ on Saturday 13th march at the bay hotel. This is a great chance to get together for a drink, some food and a dance. There are still tickets available and can be accessed through the Trybooking Link on the attached flyer.

The PPS Dad’s group had their first catch up last week at Boatrocker Brewery which was well attended. The PPS Dads group runs a variety of events throughout the year.

Both PPA and the PPS Dad’s groups are a great way to meet and make connections with the PPS school community.

Leanne Bradney





Ladies Night

And Now A Word From Mrs Richards

Resilience project GEM


The SRC consists of one girl and one boy from each of the Grade 3-6 classes. These students nominate for the role, present a speech to their class and are then voted for by their peers. This year we have also included the school captains and vice captains as leaders of this group.
2021 SRC group

This year the format and focus for this group has changed somewhat as we endeavour to facilitate an authentic student voice within the school. The SRC will become a sounding board for school policies and will also be instrumental in activating change.

We had our first meeting yesterday and the students were all excited to receive their official SRC folders and the official ‘agenda’ for our meeting. They have already voiced some of the things that they would like to achieve this year and have embarked on their first role – establishing class sports equipment supplies for use at recess and lunch including what we will purchase, how it will be stored, how borrowing will be recorded and what the protocol for using the equipment will be.  

Future items on the agenda for our next meeting will be input into improvements in the yard as well as providing input and feedback on the school wide behaviour management protocols. I am really looking forward to working with this amazing group of students.

Photo 1       

Mr Bainbridge's Bulletin

Our 2021 Jacaranda House and Vice Captains
Jacaranda House & Vice Captains
L – R: Poppy S, Gemma H, Finn S, Aiden J

Name: Poppy S

Name: Aiden J
2021 Leadership Role: Jacaranda House Captain2021 Leadership Role: Jacaranda House Captain
Favourite School Subjects: Writing, Art and MathsFavourite School Subjects: PE and Maths
2021 Goals: To become a confident and helpful leader2021 Goals: My main 2021 goal is to be more composed when under pressure.
Sports/Hobbies: I play Netball and I like to do EmbroiderySports/Hobbies: Football/Soccer and Gaming
Favourite Food: NachosFavourite Food: Burger
Favourite Drink: Warm Milo or SpriteFavourite Drink: Lemonade
Favourite Ice Cream: Cookies and CreamFavourite Ice Cream: Lemon Gelato/Sorbet
Future Career/Job: Psychologist. I really like helping people and making them feel better about their problems.Future Career/Job: Astrophysicist

Our 2021 Banksia House and Vice Captains
2021 Banksia House and Vice Captains
L- R: Edric N, Luka D, Tayla P, Lucy F

Name: Tayla PName: Edric N
2021 Leadership Role: Banksia House Captain2021 Leadership Role: Banksia House Captain
Favourite School Subjects: PE and EnglishFavourite School Subjects: STEM, Digital Technology
2021 Goals: To win Boards at States for Life Saving2021 Goals: To read every day and learn more about Technology.
Sports/Hobbies: Netball, Life Saving, Swimming, Surfing and SkatingSports/Hobbies: Basketball, Swimming and Technology
Favourite Food: PastaFavourite Food: Hash Browns and Chips
Favourite Drink: SmoothieFavourite Drink: Vanilla Milkshake
Favourite Ice Cream: Cookies and CreamFavourite Ice Cream: Soft serve vanilla with sprinkles
Future Career/Job: Famous sports personality for Life Saving.Future Career/Job: Computer Technician
Name: Lucy FName: Luka D
2021 Leadership Role: Banksia Vice Captain2021 Leadership Role: Banksia Vice Captain
Favourite School Subjects: PE, 56 Sport and Digital TechnologyFavourite School Subjects: Maths, PE and Inquiry
2021 Goals: To be good at Maths2021 Goals: Improve my handwriting and to be able to infer texts better.
Sports/Hobbies: Cricket, Soccer, Swimming and RunningSports/Hobbies: Soccer and Guitar
Favourite Food: Honey Soy ChickenFavourite Food: Pasta, Pizza, Sushi or Mexican
Favourite Drink: Fanta SlushiesFavourite Drink: Raspberry soft drink or Cranberry Juice
Favourite Ice Cream: Hokey Pokey or Rocky RoadFavourite Ice Cream: Dulce De Leche/Caramel
Future Career/Job: Australian CricketerFuture Career/Job: I want to be a Soccer player.


2021 Mordialloc District Swimming Carnival - Results

Swimming team


  • Freestyle: Sadie B 4th, Lexi J 4th, Tayla P 2nd
  • Backstroke: Zara J 1st, Kahsia L 1st, Kei F 4th
  • Breastroke: Minnie C 1st, Kahsia L 1st, Charlotte C 2nd
  • Butterfly: Indie C 2nd, Grace L 7th, Tayla P 1st
  • Relays
  • 9/10: Sadie B, Zara J, Grace C & Lulu B 2nd
  • 11: Kahsia L, Lexi J, Lucy McK & Grace L 1st
  • 12/13: Tayla P, Gemma H, Kei F & Charlotte C 1st
  • Medley
  • Tayla P, Kahsia L, Kei F & Gemma H 1st


  • Freestyle: Finn McC 1st, Will C 2nd, Ewan M 4th
  • Backstroke: Callan D 2nd, Alexander N 1st, Ewan M 1st
  • Breastroke: Connor C 6th, Will C 1st, Laura T 3rd
  • Butterfly: Finn McC 3rd, Alexander N 3rd, Asa R 2nd
  • Relays
  • 9/10: Finn McC, Callan D, Connor C & Cameron F 4th
  • 11: Will C, Alexander N, Asa R & Finlay W 3rd
  • 12/13: Ewan M, Laura T, Zoe McP & Haylee M 3rd
  • Medley
  • Alexander N, Will C, Asa R & Finn McC 3rd

Captains: Tayla P & Ewan M

Congratulations to the 2021 PPS Swim Team for winning this year’s Mordialloc District Swimming Carnival.

Best of luck to the children who placed 1st. They will progress to the Kingston Division Swimming Carnival on Monday 15th March.

Mr Anderson

PE Teacher


What's Happening!


This week in Foundation we have been learning about the letter Nn. Our Reading focus has been using our finger to track our reading, ensuring we are pointing carefully at each words as we read it. We have also been looking at the difference between a letter, a word and a sentence.  

On Wednesday we began our Maths groups and have started by setting up classroom processes and discussing what it means to be a good Maths learner or a ‘Mathematician’. We have also been working on our formation of numbers to 10.  

On Tuesday, the Preps enjoyed a Responsible Pet Ownership Incursion. We learnt about how to be safe around dogs and what to do if we are ever confronted by an angry dog.  

This week, we are sending home word lists for children to practise at home. Next week, we are sending home sound packs too to practise learnt sounds with your child. Your child’s teachers will post a video of some of the activities and games you can play with your child at home with their sound packs on Seesaw. 

Just a reminder to ensure you are reading with your child every night, and filling in the log at the back of your child’s reader binder. It is important for your child to bring their reader satchel, with the binder inside, to school each day so they are able to swap their reader over. 

As always, reach out to your child’s teacher if you have any questions. 


We cannot believe we have now passed the halfway mark of Term 1! Time flies when you’re having fun! Our Word Study focus this week has been reviewing the two sounds of the digraph /th/. This card should already be in your child’s sound pack, please remember to practise the sound pack regularly. We are beginning to look at addition for our Maths group number topic this week, beginning with the strategy of counting on from the larger number. We are also continuing our applied Maths topic of measurement, having a great time with some hands on measuring activities!
Another reminder to please make sure you are listening to your child read each day and signing their sheet in their reader folder! It is important for your child to practise reading aloud to build their fluency, as well as many other reading strategies. A big thank you to everyone who has sent in their family and baby photos, we have had a great time learning about everyone’s families and celebrating their diversity!


We have been moving along nicely with our narrative writing. Looking at the structure, character development and we have been working on including interesting adjectives. We have also been developing our skills in sentence structure and turning fragments into full sentences. 

In our Maths groups, students have built their NUMBER and PLACE VALUE knowledge and skills and now we are moving into our ADDITION. We always encourage any addition games at home to practise your skills. (Friends of ten, doubles and near doubles) 

As part of our applied Maths topic, SHAPE and LOCATION, students are learning about the transitions with the.

For Inquiry we are loving looking back in time and seeing how our community used to live and are very excited to be heading on our way to Como House and Gardens on the 30th and 31st of March. Please check compass to see more information about the excursion and any parents that would like to come along please email your classroom teacher.


Swimming has been a splash! The students have shown our Super Six Value of Responsibility while representing the school during swimming. They have been super organised and their efforts and behavior at the pool are to be commended. 

Reading: Over the last few weeks, the students have been developing their reading stamina during independent reading. We have explored the comprehension strategy of Author’s Purpose and delved deeper into the reasons why authors write various texts including to persuade, inform and entertain.  

Writing: We are continuing with our narrative writing genre with the students focusing on writing sizzling starts and building the tension by using the 5+1 senses. The students have also explored the conjunctions ‘so’, ‘but’, and ‘because’ by identifying what each one indicates when used in a sentence.  

Maths: We will be finishing up our Addition and Subtraction concept with a post-test this Thursday before moving on to focusing on Multiplication. In our grade groups, the students have been investigating formal and informal measurements as well as estimating, measuring, and comparing length using centimeters. Please continue to encourage your children to regularly practice their times tables and related division facts at home. 

Inquiry: In our classrooms, we have been exploring how we can produce electricity more sustainably by using renewable energies sources that can be created from the sun, wind, waves, and heat of the Earth.  

Wellbeing: The students have been developing their emotional literacy and looking into the various emotions students can experience in the school day both in the classroom and yard.  


The Grade 4 students have finished their two week block of swimming and have demonstrated persistence and organisation. The grade 4 teachers are incredibly proud of their efforts.


Students have been exploring the comprehension strategies of visualising and recalling facts and details from texts. We encourage students to revise these strategies during their independent reading at home each night


Students have delved deeper into the persuasive writing genre by exploring emotive vocabulary and paragraph structure.


Number and applied groups are completing their addition and measurement units this week. Students will be looking to finish the term by revising subtraction strategies and learning more about location and transformation which will be linked to our inquiry unit which has a geography focus.


The Grade 4 students have learnt about Australian states and territories, natural land features, climate zones, and our population. Students will begin their Inquiry project next week. This project will be completed at home and during some class time over the next two weeks. A student booklet will be sent home this Friday with guidelines and more information.

Week 8 Homework:

Reading: 20 min every night and recording in diary

Maths: worksheet

Inquiry: Booklet


Well done on another fantastic week for our Grade 5/6 students!


In Number Maths this week the Grade 6's are concluding their unit on Operations, while the Grade 5's are finishing their topic on Order and Operations. For their Applied topic, both 5's and 6's are continuing with their unit on Measurement.

Students are continuing to develop and build on their writing skills. This week’s focus was on conventions to add more variety and flow to their writing.


The 5/6’s ‘Heroes and Villains’ Projects are starting to shape as they prepare for their presentations in Week 10.

Peer Support

Finally, we are really proud of our Peer Support team who are doing an outstanding job in supporting our Foundation Grades during Specialist classes.



Star of the Week - February 26th 2021

00GPhoebe B.For consistently making strong choices at school and for displaying such a kind nature towards others.
00JLenni M.For her outstanding attitude within the class and her helpful and kind nature to others.
00NEstella C.For always coming to school with a big smile on her face!
00STaylor S.For being an outstanding classroom helper who always makes strong choices.
00THayden P.For looking after your friends and co-operating with others. Well done Hayden!
01BLily McC.For her positive and enthusiastic approach to her learning. Keep it up, Lily!
01JAlexander M.For an outstanding presentation about your family. Great work Alexander!
01MOlivia B.For her fantastic writing this week on the topic of her family, working hard to include lots of interesting details!
01PTanri G.For working really hard when writing. Including interesting details in his family writing. Well done Tanri.
01RAmelia L.For consistently displaying a willingness to learn, grow and be her best whilst always maintaining a positive attitude.
02BCooper MacK.For making good decisions within the classroom and for starting your work without distractions. Well done Cooper.
02DLacey B.For your amazing narrative writing and display of team work this week. Well done Lacey!
02MGrace C.For being a responsible class member who makes a terrific effort with her learning.
02NChloe C.For excellent effort on her narrative writing. Well done Chloe.
02TIndie T.For being a kind, generous friend and her excellent efforts with reading. Well done!
03DMila B.For always having a positive attitude and approaching all learning tasks with enthusiasm. Well done!
03DLeo N.For his terrific editing skills in writing and for always taking on feedback. Well done!
03GLaila M.For the excellent summary she wrote on our class text George's Marvellous Medicine. Fantastic.
03HIndi H.For her excellent contributions and quality of work during applied maths. Keep up the great job!
03JEva T.For working so hard on her story map and demonstrating her understanding of story structure.
03RGrace R.For showing integrity in the classroom and being a great friend to others
04BGeorgia Z.For her outstanding work ethic, and giving every task her best go!
04HLily S.For her kindness, empathy and diligence.
04PConor C.For trying to apply some new persuasive techniques in his writing this week.
04RAudrey- R.H.For an outstanding effort during her CARS assessments!
56BTom B.For giving his best effort towards all tasks and always sharing his interesting ideas.
56BScarlett K.For her willingness to share her creative writing pieces and ideas with her classmates.
56CMaddie D.For always working to the best of her abilities and her exceptional behaviour in the classroom.
56CMadi T.For working diligently in the classroom by maintaining her focus and concentration.
56EDane K.For displaying teamwork skills and a positive attitude at the Beach Program this week.
56EKayla MacD.For attempting all tasks with creativity and enthusiasm. Keep up the great work!
56GKaiden W. 
56GMaggie H.For always showing kindness and compassion to all her peers and teachers.
56HMaria O.For her wonderful effort during Beach Program, attempting all activities with a smile.
56SNathan A.For listening attentively in class and trying his best.
56URuby B.For her excellent effort with our writing tasks, creating engaging and descriptive pieces.

Star of the Week - March 5th 2021

00GNoah C-K.For working hard to be more organised and look after his things. Well done Noah!
00JAnnabel H.For her wonderful focus and resilience! Awesome effort Annabel!
00NRuari S.For being a hardworking and kind student!
00SAshleigh W.for always trying her best and never forgetting her beautiful manners!
00TMia L.For being resilient when coming to school each morning. Well done Mia!
01BAidan B.For his hard working attitude and contribution to class discussions. Well done, Aidan!
01JIsla D.For being a hardworking and kind student!
01MSara K.For always working enthusiastically and trying her best in all tasks! Well done Sara!
01PAbi S.For her amazing contributions during class discussions and group work. Keep it up Abi!
01ROscar J.For his wonderful resilience this week and for how well he has persisted with tasks. Well done Oscar.
02BMia I.For developing her confidence in contributing to class discussions. Well done Mia!
02DAidan R.For your never ending enthusiasm, positivity and effort with everything you do! Well done Aidan
02MGrace C.For her terrific attitude towards school, super effort, and excellent listening skills.
02NEklavya D.For always concentrating and working well in class. Keep it up Eklavya!
02TJacob F.For his excellent efforts with narrative writing. Well done Jacob!
03DJack C.For working hard and taking his time during handwriting. Well done Jack!
03GRylan S.For taking on and responding to feedback to make improvements to his written work. Fantastic keep it up!
03HDaneesha W.For continuing to develop her confidence in contributing to class discussions. Keep up the excellent work!
03JRyusei O.For being a diligent worker in all subjects. Fantastic effort!
03RIsla W.For working hard to improve her writing and great persistence in maths!
04BJackson C.For helping his peers without being asked and always showing initiative! Excellent work Jackson.
04HDixie T.For her determination and focus during set tasks.
04PEden R.For always showing an outstanding work ethic within class. Well done Eden.
04RMason M.For an excellent effort involving himself in class discussions!
56BMitch F.For his positivity and effort shown during this week's writing tasks.
56CDenver C.For displaying a positive attitude to all classroom activities and working to the best of his abilities.
56CByron M.For consistently working to the best of his abilities and setting a fantastic example to his peers
56EIlias E.For showing compassion in the yard by helping and including others. Keep it up!
56GAiden J.For his terrific group work during our writing sessions, setting a high standard for his peers.
56GCam D.For his wonderful dedication to his role as peer supporter and his brilliant sense of humour
56HCharlie E.For taking on feedback and goals to improve his writing.
56HJessica M.For her outstanding and thoughtful contributions to classroom discussions.
56SPopi T.For always trying her best and being a great friend.
56SHarry T.For being a great classmate and giving his all.
56UEloise S.For always giving her best in all class activities and consistently contributing to class discussions.
56UFinn CFor his terrific effort and focus during our inquiry project sessions.

Values Awards - 22nd February, 2021

FoundationRespect: For consistently showing high levels of respect to his teachers and his peers.Billy B.
1Integrity: Consistently making strong choices in all situations in and out of the classroom.Easton F. 
2Responsibility: For helping Mrs. Bain learn about the School Values.  Thank you Lily.Lily S.
3Excellence: Seeking teacher feedback to make improvements and set personal learning goals.Willow K.
4Cooperation: For always working well with others and setting a good example within the classroom!Lulu B.
5Excellence: For constantly striving to achieve his best across all areas of the curriculum.Alexander O.
6Responsibility: For always demonstrating responsibility and being a sensational role model to his peers.Sunny T.

Values Awards - 1st March 2021

FoundationExcellence: For continually striving for excellence in all tasks and his behaviour.Paxton H.
1Cooperation:  For being a kind, friendly, helpful and cooperative classmate.Harvey J.
2Respect:  Always showing respect towards her peers and teachers. Well done Rhythm.Rhythm R.
3Responsibility: For being a responsible and reliable student who strives to do her very best.Caitlyn M.
4Integrity: Always being a reliable and trustworthy student, and works hard to excel in all subjects.Sienna S.
5Respect:  For showing her teachers and peers respect by always listening, being kind and polite to others.Charlotte D.
6Responsibility:  For demonstrating initiative in her role as School Captain and being an exceptional leader both in and outside of the classroom.Tessa F.

Camp Australia

Camp Australia
Camp Australia – Guiding Children’s Growth

We are proud to partner with Camp Australia to provide our Outside School Hours Care (OSHC) program.

Camp Australia programs are centered on child enrichment, while ensuring a reliable, engaging and hassle-free OSHC service at our school. Their engaged educators foster a safe, inclusive environment where children can relax, have fun and grow.


Your OSHC – OSHC that inspires

At Your OSHC by Camp Australia, every before school, after school and pupil free day program is tailored to the likes and interests of each child in service. Camp Australia’s educators design enriching experiences to inspire your children’s confidence, independence and imagination. In any one week, they could be participating in science experiments, active play, creative expression and more - they believe in learning through experience so that each child can grow.


Rocketeers – Extraordinary Holiday Adventures

Rocketeers by Camp Australia is a space for children to escape the ordinary and experience the extraordinary during their school holidays. Every school holiday break is a new mission for children to embark upon. With carefully designed programs, directed by the children and informed by family feedback, no two days are the same with Rocketeers. Experiences planned could include games, arts & crafts, sport, excursions, cooking, coding and more.

Click here to find out more about Camp Australia's program at our school, including hours of operation and fees. To attend care, you must register your child. Register now for free.


Springvale Indoor Sports

The Studio of Dance

Guitar lessons

Guitar Lessons

Guitar Lessons are available at Parkdale Primary School from 3.35pm – 5.35pm. Lessons are held on Wednesdays and Thursdays in the Music Room.

All lessons are for the duration of 30 minutes.

There are private lessons available in person or online from another location.

Any students interested in enrolling for Guitar Lessons please email for an Enrolment Form,
or alternatively call Trevor direct on 0404 018 382.




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