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From the Principal

We find ourselves at the end of Term 1 already. Although we are still operating with some Covid restrictions, it has been great to have the students on site interacting with their peers and teachers. It has been a busy start to the year, but also a very positive one.

Harmony Day

A big thank you to Naoko Sensei and Mami Sensei who organised Harmony week. Harmony Week celebrates Australia’s cultural diversity. It’s about inclusiveness, respect and a sense of belonging for everyone.

Progress Reports

Staff have completed a progress report for Term 1, the reports can be accessed from Compass from Tuesday 30th March. Please note: Foundation students do not receive a progress report in term 1.

Foundation Enrolments 2022

Enrolment forms for Foundation students starting in 2022 were sent home with siblings on Tuesday.  If you did not receive a form, please contact the office.

Annual Report 2020

The annual report for 2020 was presented and endorsed by school council. The annual report for 2020 looks slightly different to previous years. NAPLAN measures could not be included due to NAPLAN being cancelled due to the disruptions in the school year.

In 2020, Parkdale Primary's FISO Priorities focussed on Curriculum Planning and Assessment, Empowering students and building school pride and Setting expectations and promoting inclusion.

Curriculum Planning and Assessment: developing structures and protocols for the consistent sharing of best practice in Literacy and Numeracy and teams to analyse student achievement data at cohort and individual class level.

Empowering students and building school pride: the use of student feedback to engage students in their own learning process.

Setting expectations and promoting inclusion: develop whole school expected behaviours in consultation with teachers and students and the Resilience Project Curriculum being continued throughout the school.


We have a strong Leadership Team across Foundation - Grade 6 to ensure we are providing a comprehensive teaching and learning program across the school.


A cohesive team approach to planning throughout Remote Learning periods occurred at Parkdale Primary. Teams continued to meet regularly and plan activities that were implemented across the whole cohort. Planning documents reflected a change in teaching and learning approaches via an online learning program (Seesaw). Class instruction and small group conferences were conducted via WebEx. We maintained a high expectation on Literacy and Numeracy during Remote Learning. Our practice was constantly evaluated, feedback sought and changes made where appropriate. Digital activities uploaded to Seesaw and strong completion rates and online attendance by students.

In 2020 English Teacher Judgements, 98.1% of our students from Foundation - Grade 6 were assessed at or above age expected standards. In Mathematics Teacher Judgements, 98.3% of our students from Foundation - Grade 6 were assessed at or above age expected standards.

Literacy and Numeracy will continue to be areas of priority in 2021


Remote Learning created a sense of urgency for staff to adapt their teaching methods using predominantly their digital technology skills and upskill in this area. Teams and year levels shared best practice initiatives using digital technologies. Staff took ownership of the delivery of their program and teams continued to work cohesively to deliver the best outcome for our students. Professional trust was vital in establishing a shared workload amongst our teams. The school became an entirely digital entity via learning program, assemblies, parent communication, meetings, transition and school council.

In 2020, the average number of absence days per child was 7.8 and the 4-year average was 11.8. Both of these measurements were a positive endorsement of our strong connection during Remote Learning.

To support student non-attendance strategies which we implemented included, email and phone communication with parents, 1 to 1 WebEx sessions, ES Staff assigned to non-attending students.

In 2021, the strong focus on the use of Digital Technologies to support teaching and learning will continue. Professional Development to enhance Student Voice and Agency will continue to be a focus moving forward.


In 2020, our Learning to Learn program was extended from the beginning two weeks of the year to incorporate the beginning of each term and then revisited when students returned to school after Remote Learning periods. Resilience Project lessons were incorporated into the daily instruction during Remote Learning periods. Whole school Wellbeing Days were operated during Remote Learning Periods. Health and Wellbeing supports were put in place for students, staff and the community. These included regular WebEx meetings that incorporated Health and Wellbeing, staff Iso-Buddy supports were put in place, ES staff assigned to students, Resilience Project parent forum online. These were effective in supporting our School Community throughout this period.

In 2020, the ATOSS measure Sense of Connectedness reported a positive endorsement of 83.1% from our Grade 4 - 6 cohort.

In 2021, our whole school behaviour framework will continue to evolve and be a focus. The Health and Wellbeing of all students will be an integral factor of this year.

Ladies Night - Saturday 13th March

The Ladies night at the Bay hotel was well attended and those that attended had a great night. A big thank you to the PPA (Ilka B, Helen M, Kathryn H) for organising this event and to Ange F for the décor supplies and Andy G for being the DJ.

End of Term and Early finish - Thursday 1st April at 2:30pm.

There will be no assembly children will be dismissed from their classrooms.

We wish all families a relaxing and enjoyable holiday break.

Leanne Bradney



And Now A Word From Mrs Richards


There has been much talk in the media of late about respect. As parents, and as influencers of young people, we want the best for kids. We want them to have positive experiences, healthy relationships and opportunities to learn. We want them to understand right and wrong. We want them to respect others, and respect themselves. Respect is an attitude. Respect is thinking and acting in a positive way about yourself or others. Respect is thinking and acting in a way that shows others you care about their feelings and their well-being.

Children aren’t born with a built-in sense of respect for others. While each child has a different personality, all children need to be taught to be respectful. We can teach children respect by:

Teaching and expecting good manners: It is very important to teach children basic manners and social interaction skills such as saying “please” and “thank you” and not interrupting when someone is speaking. Using manners—just a simple “excuse me” or “thank you”—is also a form of empathy. It teaches children to respect others and acknowledge their impact on other people. It is also important to not tolerate rudeness. If a child is speaking to you in a way that you would not accept from another adult then do not accept it from them either.

Establishing Rules: Setting boundaries teaches children that the world doesn't revolve around them; they also have to consider others with their actions.

Encouraging Open-mindedness: Treating others with respect means taking the time to get to know them and trying to see where they're coming from -- even when you don't immediately hit it off. Children need to know that they don't have to like everybody, and that not everybody will like them -and that's okay, as long as they give people a chance, and show everyone respect.

Celebrating Diversity: It's important to acknowledge we're not all the same -- and that that's not a bad thing. Respecting differences is important.

Respecting Belongings: When we teach kids to treat belongings with respect, we're helping them develop a sense of gratitude and consideration.

And of course, above all else …………….The best way to teach respect is to show respect!


Mr Bainbridge's Bulletin

Our 2021 Wattle House and Vice Captains

L – R Emma Y, Kassia H, Denver C, Noah W
Name: Kassia HName: Noah W
2021 Leadership Role: Wattle House Captain2021 Leadership Role: Wattle House Captain
Favourite School Subjects: Writing and Interschool Sport TrainingFavourite School Subjects: Sport and Maths
2021 Goals: Get out to some Equestrian Competitions2021 Goals: To become more organised.
Sports/Hobbies: Equestrian/EquineSports/Hobbies: AFL and Cricket
Favourite Food: Sushi, Steak and BurritosFavourite Food: Pizza, Pasta and Steak
Favourite Drink: Coke and McDonald’s Mango Grape SlushieFavourite Drink: Soft Drink
Favourite Ice Cream: YOMG ice-creamFavourite Ice Cream: Vanilla
Future Career/Job: Equine Vet. (We have horses)Future Career/Job: Sports Player
Name: Emma YName: Denver C
2021 Leadership Role: Wattle Vice Captain2021 Leadership Role: Wattle Vice Captain
Favourite School Subjects: PE and ArtFavourite School Subjects: PE and Maths
2021 Goals: To get better at public speaking.2021 Goals: To read 100 minutes each week.
Sports/Hobbies: Basketball, Reading and PaintingSports/Hobbies: Soccer
Favourite Food: Steak, Fish and ChipsFavourite Food: Pasta
Favourite Drink: SlurpeeFavourite Drink: Chocolate Milk
Favourite Ice Cream: ChocolateFavourite Ice Cream: Chocolate
Future Career/Job: VetFuture Career/Job: Soccer Player
Our 2021 Waratah House and Vice Captains

L – R  Zoe M, Shalini D, Angus C, Ollie M
Name: Shalini DName: Angus C
2021 Leadership Role: Waratah House Captain2021 Leadership Role: Waratah House Captain
Favourite School Subjects: ArtFavourite School Subjects: Maths and PE
2021 Goals: To become better friends with my buddy2021 Goals: To do well in Aerobics.
Sports/Hobbies: Netball and ArtSports/Hobbies: Cricket, Footy and Soccer
Favourite Food: BurritoFavourite Food: Pizza
Favourite Drink: Soda/Mineral WaterFavourite Drink: Lemonade
Favourite Ice Cream: Cookies and CreamFavourite Ice Cream: Lemon Sorbet
Future Career/Job: Teacher.Future Career/Job: Cricket Player
Name: Zoe MName: Ollie M
2021 Leadership Role: Waratah Vice Captain2021 Leadership Role: Waratah Vice Captain
Favourite School Subjects: Music, Reading and WritingFavourite School Subjects: Maths and PE
2021 Goals: To get a role in the school concert2021 Goals: Be a more fluent reader.
Sports/Hobbies: Basketball, Dancing, Piano and ScoutsSports/Hobbies: Basketball and Footy
Favourite Food: BaconFavourite Food: Chocolate
Favourite Drink: Raspberry LemonadeFavourite Drink: Mango Ice Tea
Favourite Ice Cream: Salted CaramelFavourite Ice Cream: Mango
Future Career/Job: ActorFuture Career/Job: NBA Player

What's Happening!


Congratulations! We have made it through the first term of Prep! We are very proud of how far the children have come already!  

We have finished up the term by learning the letter Uu, as well as revising all the letters and sounds we have learnt this term.  

Over the holidays, we are sending home a ‘snapshot’ of our learning this term and it would be fabulous if you could revise this with your child. The teachers strongly recommend keeping up the reading practise in the break including practising the list words in random order, and the sound pack with your child, as this builds fluency and automaticity with reading. There are instructional videos on your child’s Seesaw that further explain the sound pack and some extra activities/games you can play with it.  

We hope you enjoy the holidays and we will see you back at school for Term 2!  


Foundation teachers 

Grade 1

What a busy term! We are entering our last week of Term 1 and are very proud of our Grade Ones. Over the last couple of weeks we have been reviewing the digraphs /ch/ and /wh/, make sure these are in your child’s sound pack and let your teacher know if they are not. We are finishing up our Measurement and Addition topics in Maths and had a great time reviewing Measurement concepts with problem solving activities. In Writing we had another fun shared experience for our topic on recount writing, using clay to get creative! Next Tuesday we are looking forward to having our cooking session with Miss B in Science! Just a reminder as we begin to have colder weather, please ensure your child’s jackets are clearly labelled. Thank you again for your ongoing support, we really appreciate it. We hope you have a lovely holidays and we will see you next Term!

Grade 2

This busy and amazing term has flown by! Can you believe we are almost at the end of Term 1?

During Daily Three reading our Cafe focuses have been to find out the meaning of unknown words and we have been learning all about the Author's Purpose ‘PIE’. Please encourage your child to think about whether an author’s purpose is to persuade, inform or entertain when reading books at home. Thank you for continuing to look after our take home readers, reading every night, and bringing the blue reader bag every day.

We are continuing to look at the structure of a narrative. Whether it be the way we begin a story, how we build tension throughout the middle or thinking of exciting endings. We are discovering the beautiful and creative dreaming stories from Aboriginal cultures and how they can inspire us to write our own interesting stories. 

As Term 1 comes to a close we are finishing our Maths topics of Addition and Location/Transformation. We encourage the use of Mathletics or any maths games at home. 

We are looking forward to our Grade 2 excursion to the incredible Como House and Gardens on the 30th (2M and 2N) and 31st (2D, 2T and 2B) of March, where students will be given a wonderful introduction into the past lives of a Melbourne family in the 1890s. We can’t wait!

Thank you for all of your hard work this term. Have a safe and happy holiday! 

Grade 2 Teachers

Grade 3

As the end of term quickly approaches, the grade 3 teachers have been extremely proud of our cohort of students and everything they have achieved so far this year. We hope our students and their families have a safe and relaxing upcoming holiday.  

Reading: Over the last two weeks the students have been exploring the comprehension strategies of finding the main idea and summarising using a variety of text types. By figuring out the most important information within each paragraph, the students are then able to combine the main ideas into a written or spoken summary to better understand the text they read.  

Writing: Within our narrative writing genre, we have been practising how to create engaging endings with impact. The students have also delved into how to use the subordinating conjunctions: even though, although, and since, to add extra information to a sentence. 

Maths: We will be continuing with our multiplication and measurement math concepts until the end of term. Students have been looking at representing multiplication equations using arrays, diagrams, and repeated addition as well as practising a range of mental and written strategies to multiply efficiently. Another friendly reminder to continue to encourage your children to regularly practise their times tables and related division facts at home. 

Inquiry: Continuing with our sustainability topic this term, the students listened to our mentor text ‘Energy Island’ where they learned about how the island Samsoe became Denmark’s first Sustainable Energy Island which achieved self-sufficiency in sustainable energy within 10 years. Did you know that 100% of Samsoe’s electricity consumption is generated by 11 land-based windmills, and 70 % of the heat comes from sustainable energy sources? Incredible! 

Wellbeing:  During our wellbeing lessons, we explored gratitude. The students discussed the meaning of gratitude in their own words and identified several things that they are grateful for in their life.  

Grade 4

The Grade 4's have had an extremely busy end to the term but have worked with a growth mindset and determination.

Reading: Students have thoroughly benefitted from using the CARS and STARS online comprehension program this term in conjunction with strong explicit teaching and differentiated tasks. Students will continue learning and revising new strategies next Term. 

Writing: After learning about persuasive techniques, debating and structure, students have put their knowledge into practise by planning and drafting a persuasive essay relating to the topic 'Technology should be banned within the classroom'. Students will edit and share their writing during Week 10. 

Maths: Students have been learning a range of mental and written subtraction techniques and in particular have worked on subtracting vertically. Students will complete their post-test for this topic during Week 10. We encourage all students to continue practising basic number facts at home. 

Inquiry: Grade 4's have done an incredible job in completing their 'Design a Country' project task and have enjoyed planning and designing a flag and map for their own nation in class. We are looking forward to sharing these within the classroom. 

We would like to thank all families for their support during Term 1 and we wish you all a happy and restful break. 

Grade 4 Team 

Grade 5/6

Excellent effort 5/6 on a great end to Term 1.

Numeracy In Number Maths this week the Grade 6's are concluding their unit on Fractions, while the Grade 5's are finishing their topic Fractions and Decimals. For their Applied topic, both 5's and 6's are coming to the end of their unit on Measurement.

Writing Each week students have been continuing to build upon their Writing skills including Punctuation, Figurative devices and up levelling Adjectives, Adverbs and Verbs. This week we are continuing to look at how Narratives are organised whilst combining the skills we have practiced to write engaging Narratives.

Inquiry The 5/6’s are getting into character as they prepare to present their ‘Heroes and Villains’ Projects. Well done to all students who have put in a great amount of effort into their presentations.

Peer Support Lastly, we have been very proud of our Peer Support team who are doing a wonderful job encouraging and helping our Foundation Grades during Specialist classes. The students have thoroughly enjoyed being able to support the younger students in this way.




Values Awards - March 8th 2021




Respect: For respectfully listening to others and using her manners.Olive A
1Excellence: For consistently displaying determination and working hard to produce high quality work.Grace R
Co-operation: For being a kind,   co-operative and respectful member of Grade 2.Bo G
3Responsibility: For being a responsible and enthusiastic student who maximizes learning opportunities through active participation.Eloise B
4Excellence: For consistently pursuing his personal best in all subjects by working with determination and a growth mindset.Nic Q
5Excellence: For her extreme enthusiasm and attention to detail with all her classroom work.Queenie G
6Integrity: For always being honest and doing the right thing even when no one is watching.Shalini D

Star of the Week - March 12th 2021

00GAarvi PFor the amazing efforts she consistently puts into all her learning. Well done Aarvi!
00JLouis GFor being such a super and speedy monitor!
00NPoppy WFor writing a fantastic recount and having a go at tricky words. Great work Poppy!
00SJessie VFor being a happy member of our class who is always kind and inclusive of others!
00TLachie FFor your amazing effort with your writing. Well done Lachie!
01BBella V KFor having a positive attitude and giving all her work tasks her best effort. Well done Bella.
01JConnor BFor putting in heaps of effort in our recount writing.
01MChloe AFor her patience and cooperation in group work for our shared writing experience this week!
01PKyper TFor trying his best across all areas, giving things a go, contributing to group work and being a great group leader. Well done!
01RZara PFor her excellent contributions and cooperation during writing this week. Well done Zara!
02BTilly WFor your positive attitude and trying your hardest with everything you do. Well done Tilly!
02DFlorence HFor demonstrating a fantastic attitude towards all challenges. Well done Florrie!
02MCorban WFor his positive attitude and effort with learning tasks this week.
02NHeidi KFor working hard to achieve her best. Keep trying Heidi!
02TMax WFor always having a positive attitude and trying his best! Well done!
03DRuby BFor always showing great responsibility in and outside of the classroom!
03GTammy LFor her well written tension scene about entering a haunted house. Nice work!
03HLachlan BFor his excellent work ethic and effort on all set tasks. Well done Lachlan!
03JArya LFor her writing of some sensational 'sizzling starts'! Well done!
03JXavier MFor always displaying large amounts of enthusiasm for learning.
03RSophia MFor completing all tasks to the best of her ability and having an enthusiastic attitude to learning.
03RJesse MFor achieving excellent addition and subtraction results, always working to be his best.
04BSadie BFor being a responsible and organised student who aims to achieve her best every day!
04HTaylor SFor improved concentration and participation during classroom tasks.
04PMiles HFor excellent attention to detail and presentation of all work. Well done.
04RRyan MFor demonstrating great leadership skills during the swimming program!
56BKrish DFor his positivity and effort towards all tasks.
56BNiamh MFor always sharing her thoughtful ideas in class discussions.
56CEmma YFor making excellent progress on her project and her exceptional behaviour.
56CFinn WFor producing work of a consistently high standard and his master chair stacking skills.
56EBenny RFor his positive attitude and hard work ethic in all tasks.
56EMaddy PFor being a conscientious student who approaches all learning tasks with zest.
56GAdam RFor his great attitude during all classrooms lessons and putting effort into his displayed work.
56GAisha A 
56HEthan CFor working hard to remain on task and completing work to the best of his ability.
56HSienna LFor taking on feedback and applying it to her writing, creating descriptive and engaging pieces. Well done.
56SBailey GFor trying his best and making new friends in class.
56UMaya SFor always being a respectful and hardworking student.
56UAlexandra CFor always producing well-presented work and putting effort in all class activities.

Star of the Week - March 19th 2021

00GEvie CFor the fabulous listening she has been demonstrating, and the amazing efforts she has put into all of her learning this week.
00JIsla CFor her outstanding writing and striving to achieve her term goal!
00NGemma HFor always completing her work to an excellent standard.
00SRio RFor being an enthusiastic, considerate member of our class, who puts his best effort into all challenges!
00TLucinda WFor your enthusiasm towards your learning! Fantastic effort Lucinda!
01BBobby HFor making a conscious effort to stay organised and showing good initiative to tidy his workspace. Keep it up, Bobby!
01JJacqueline BFor working really well in your writing groups.
01MPeyton CFor her fantastic effort reading this week, sounding out beautifully and working hard to use expression!
01PAlfie L-JFor amazing efforts during partner writing. Contributing a fantastic sizzling start, writing an interesting and engaging recount. Well done.
01RElla RFor her detailed and descriptive sentences during writing this week. Well done.
02BLouis SFor working hard on developing your ideas when writing narratives. Well done.
02DSamuel KFor your ability to bounce back in challenging situations and to make the best of every day!
02MBenny KFor demonstrating terrific focus, effort and attitude this week.
02NJoshua FFor persisting and working hard to complete his writing task. Keep it up Josh.
02TZoe GFor her excellent efforts with Narrative writing. Well done!
03DBillie SFor her positive attitude and always working hard to achieve her best! Well done Billie.
03GMax AFor making the best use of classtime and taking on feedback to improve your work. Well Done!
03HGrace BFor always trying her best on tasks and being a kind and helpful member of our class!
03JRipley SFor his positive attitude toward all his work. Well done!
03REden HFor using feedback to improve her writing!
03RJoshua YFor his fantastic description and use of Tier Two words in his writing!
04BFionn DFor always contributing in-depth and meaningful ideas to class discussions.
04HCooper HFor showing great improvement in his focus during set tasks.
04PHannah KFor brainstorming and making good attempts at using strong arguments in her persuasive writing. Well done.
04RGrace CFor consistently working to a high standard and for always setting a good example for her classmates!
56BMienga SFor always having a positive attitude and approaching all learning tasks with enthusiasm.
56BMya KFor always working diligently on set tasks and making valuable contributions during class discussions.
56CMilla TFor demonstrating persistence, resilience and her excellent behaviour in and outside of the classroom.
56CZak WFor his outstanding oral presentation on Mandawuy Yunupingu. Congratulations Zak!
56EMarley HFor contributing to class discussions with enthusiasm. Keep it up!
56EDanko KFor having a helpful attitude in class and being considerate of others.
56GLexi JFor being such a wonderful classmate to all and her dedication towards her project.
56GMack NMFor his high quality written pieces and his great sense of humour.
56HLucy BFor showing great initiative and completing her work to a high standard.
56SMia FFor always thinking of others and trying her best.
56UTom RFor his highly consistent effort with his home reading tasks and his word study results.

Values Awards - March 22nd 2021


FoundationCo-operation: For playing co-operatively outside and always including others.Matilda C
1Co-operation - Putting in extra effort to make sure all members of your writing group contributed and felt included.Jacqueline B
2Excellence: For consistently trying his best in all subject areas by working hard and completing work to a high standard.Oscar D
3Resilience: Showing persistence, even when things are challenging, asking questions and using feedback to make the most of all his learning time.Lachlan W
4Integrity: For showing integrity by being a
hard-working student and a classmate that others can trust and look up to as a positive example of this.
Hunter C
5Respect: For always showing respect to her teachers and peers by being a considerate, kind and empathetic student.Lottie M-W

Star of the Week - March 26th 2021

00GHugo JFor always trying his best, and for trying so hard with his writing!
00JTed BFor always being so positive and his super focus on tasks!
00NAniv DFor working hard with his writing! Well done Aniv!
00SRonan A HFor working with great focus to complete all tasks to the best of his ability!
00THarvey KFor co-operating and working so well with others in the classroom. Well done Harvey!
01BAnna CFor building her confidence when asking for help with her recount writing. Keep it up, Anna!
01JAbigail FFor working really hard all week on your recount writing.
01JArchie JFor always being a kind and helpful member of the class.
01MHarriet WFor showing resilience and persistence this week with her fractured arm! What a star!
01PTaylor JFor always trying her best, her enthusiasm for tasks is amazing. Well done Taylor keep up the great work!
01RBen GFor his wonderful reading this week and for using a range of strategies to decode and develop comprehension. Well done Ben!
02BOlivia TFor contributing to class discussions and explaining your thinking more and more each day. Well done Olivia!
02DAnnabelle MFor your hard work in planning and organising your ideas for your writing this week. Well done Annabelle
02MHenry GFor generating great ideas in narrative writing, and being a friendly and cooperative class member.
02NZevee WFor showing our Super 6 values and working well in all areas. Well done Zevee!
02TAnnabelle SFor her enthusiastic attitude and always working hard to achieve her best! Well done!
03DSophie CFor always working diligently on set tasks and making valuable contributions during class discussions.
03GArthur Rhis awesome efforts in summerasing the text 'What happens to natural resources'.
03HElsie KFor consistently demonstrating an excellent work ethic and enthusiastic attitude towards all her learning.
03HJames KFor working diligently during our narrative writing lessons and generating great ideas. Keep it up James!
03JHenley FFor working hard on all tasks this week and showing integrity.
03RReyansh MFor his contributions to classroom discussion and knowledge of sustainability!
03RElla SFor working hard to improve her writing and willingness to share her work in class.
04BIryna ZFor always being willing to help others, being organised and looking after class belongings.
04HNoah MFor his focus, attention to detail and determination during all set tasks. Congratulations!
04PMax CFor making valuable and regular contributions to class discussions. Great work Max.
04RJoseph SFor being an excellent classroom helper and working well during group activites!
56BBen WFor showing great passion towards his inquiry project and producing high quality work.
56CKahsia LFor displaying a positive attitude towards all classroom activities and being an empathetic student.
56CRiley KFor consistently working to the best of his abilities and his contribution to class discussion.
56EBailee KFor always giving 100 percent to all she does, keep up the great work.
56EFelix TFor being diligent in his role a technology support and always being willing to help.
56GTwiggie M-BFor her excellent dedication and effort to all classroom activities, particularly her project.
56GRamsha LFor her well designed project and her positive, thoughtful attitude daily.
56HZach MFor continuously demonstrating excellence in all that he does and for being a respectful peer and student.
56SAbbi HFor outstanding effort in all areas and being a terrific role model and friend.
56SSummer NFor always trying her best and contributing well to class discussions.
56UKoby WFor his excellent volume and clarity during his project presentation.

Camp Australia

Camp Australia
Camp Australia – Guiding Children’s Growth

We are proud to partner with Camp Australia to provide our Outside School Hours Care (OSHC) program.

Camp Australia programs are centered on child enrichment, while ensuring a reliable, engaging and hassle-free OSHC service at our school. Their engaged educators foster a safe, inclusive environment where children can relax, have fun and grow.


Your OSHC – OSHC that inspires

At Your OSHC by Camp Australia, every before school, after school and pupil free day program is tailored to the likes and interests of each child in service. Camp Australia’s educators design enriching experiences to inspire your children’s confidence, independence and imagination. In any one week, they could be participating in science experiments, active play, creative expression and more - they believe in learning through experience so that each child can grow.


Rocketeers – Extraordinary Holiday Adventures

Rocketeers by Camp Australia is a space for children to escape the ordinary and experience the extraordinary during their school holidays. Every school holiday break is a new mission for children to embark upon. With carefully designed programs, directed by the children and informed by family feedback, no two days are the same with Rocketeers. Experiences planned could include games, arts & crafts, sport, excursions, cooking, coding and more.

Click here to find out more about Camp Australia's program at our school, including hours of operation and fees. To attend care, you must register your child. Register now for free.


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