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From the Principal

Welcome back
We hope everyone had an enjoyable and relaxing holiday. Although it has been extremely cold this first week back, the children have made a smooth start to Term 2. There are many events happening this term; Junior Mayor, NAPLAN, Aerobics Competition, Mother’s Day Stall, School Photos, Kinder Visits and a number of Incursions and Excursions planned around our Inquiry topics.

Curriculum Day - Friday 21st May
Friday 21st May will be a Pupil Free Day. Staff will be undertaking Professional Learning around the topic of assessment. Camp Australia will operate a Pupil Free Day on this day and parents will need to book directly through Camp Australia.

Resilience Project Parent Seminar
The Resilience Project will be running an online Parent Seminar on Monday 26th April from 6:30-7:30pm. Information was sent out via COMPASS on Wednesday.

PPA Meeting
There will be a PPA meeting this Friday 23rd April at 9:15am in the Staffroom. Please ensure you register via the QR code if you are attending.

Children in Grades 3 and 5 will sit NAPLAN this term. Our NAPLAN dates will be Tuesday 11th, Wednesday12th, Thursday 13th and Tuesday 18th May.  

Please note: In line with the current Sun Smart Policy, hats need to be worn to the end of April.

House Cross Country
All children in Grades 3-6 will participate in the House Cross Country on Friday 30th April.

Foundation Enrolments 2022
Student Enrolment forms for Foundation students starting in 2022 have been sent home.  If you did not receive a form, please contact the office. Please return these as soon as possible.

Unwell Students
All unwell staff, students or parents must stay home. Any child who is unwell MUST NOT attend school. If your child is complaining of feeling unwell, sore throat, runny nose, coughing, sneezing etc., they must remain at home and seek medical advice.

This also includes cases of Gastroenteritis. Gastroenteritis is highly contagious, children should not attend school until 48 hours after the last vomiting and or diarrhoea episode.

Stopping the spread of Gastroenteritis

  • Remind children to wash their hands well after using the toilet and before eating.
  • Remind your children not to share drinks or food.
  • Keep your child away from other children while they are unwell.

Leanne Bradney

And Now A Word From Mrs Richards


Walking to School

One of the side benefits of the 2020 COVID experience was that more families were out and about walking and riding together. Parents working from home were also able to take advantage of the ability to walk their children to and from school. It has been fantastic to see so many families walking or riding to school and this also has a positive effect on the amount of traffic around the school. As life returns to normal we are seeing an increase in the number of children being driven to school.

Walking to school has a number of benefits:

  • Daily exercise – The Australian Physical Activity Guidelines suggest that children aged between 5-17 should be active for at least 60 minutes a day. Recent reports show that only 20% of young Australians are meeting this recommendation which is quite frightening.
  • Walking to school can help children develop social skills and knowledge of road safety as well as improving independence and confidence.
  • Children who walk to school develop a familiarity and awareness of their local neighbourhood and environment.
  • Walking to school can have a positive effect on children’s ability to learn. Walking can reduce stress meaning children arrive at school happy, relaxed and alert.

Whereas we understand that it isn’t always possible for children to walk to and from school every day it would be wonderful if all children could have a regular day on which they walk to school – for those that live too far away, parking and walking part of the way is just as good.

As notified on Compass, the walking groups will begin again this Friday. This is a fantastic way of introducing your child safely to walking to school and they also get to enjoy the company of others along the way. The three routes are shown below and were also sent home via Compass.    


Mr Bainbridge's Bulletin

Our Solar Power System has been installed! Over the holiday period the contractors appointed by the Victorian School Building Authority (VSBA) carried out the installation works on the roof of the Grade 3 Hub. We now have over 80 solar panels in operation, helping to reduce our electricity costs and build a greater level of sustainability within the school.

A big thank you to School Council for endorsing this successful Grant Application as part of the Greener Government School Building Program. Every sunny day will now be an even better day at PPS.

What's Happening!


Welcome back, Foundation parents! We hope you all have a wonderful school holidays. We are straight back into the swing of things, beginning our Term by learning ‘e’ and its short sound /e/ as in egg. Short vowel sounds can be difficult to differentiate, so it would be great if you could assist your child in practising the short vowels at home with the sound pack. We encourage creating cvc (consonant vowel consonant) words and changing the middle vowel sound to create different words. We are continuing our Place Value topic in Maths and have also been learning about the Days of the Week in our Applied Maths topic. 

This week we sent home a notice about Mytern – our Social Skills Program, which we will be beginning to teach next week. We sent another notice home about assisting your child with reading at home and a new Show and Tell notice for Term 2. 

Corridor reading is beginning next week. If there are spaces available, you can sign up in the breeze way outside the Foundation corridor. 

Grade 1

Welcome back to Term 2 in Grade 1! We hope you all had a safe and happy holidays! We are looking forward to another wonderful Term of learning.

Throughout this term in Maths we will cover the Number topics of Subtraction and Patterns, and the Applied Maths topics of Chance, Data and Graphs.

In English we will continue to work on a variety of Grammar and Punctuation topics, build our Phonological and Phonemic Awareness with weekly Word Study and Red Flag Word lessons, and will be looking at Rhyming and Poetry, as well as Procedural Texts and formal Handwriting sessions in Writing.

Our Inquiry topic for the Term will be Weather. We are looking forward to our incursion in Week 8, where we will have the opportunity to try some fun weather experiments!

Grade 1’s will also have Digital Technology lessons in their classrooms, learning to use iPads and trying some coding with Beebots.

Just a reminder that we will start Parent reading in Week 2. If you would like to help out and have a current WWCC, please enter your name onto the roster outside your child’s classroom.

Grade 2

Welcome back Grade 2’s! We hope you had a great holiday and are ready for an exciting and fun filled term. 

We have begun our reading focus of finding out the AUTHOR'S PURPOSE, which is being continued from last term. We love seeing how much our Grade 2’s love to read!

Procedure writing is our new genre. By looking at the structure and features of a procedure text including the method and materials, students will then begin to follow and write their own.

In our Maths groups, students are continuing to build on their ADDITION strategies to assist with our new topic of SUBTRACTION. We always encourage any counting and skip counting games at home to continue to build number fluency.

As part of our Applied Maths topic, DATA, GRAPHS AND CHANCE, students are learning to collect and interpret data as well as create graphs that are relevant to them. 

Our students are enthusiastic to begin our new inquiry topic of ALL MIXED UP, where they are discovering all about solids, liquids and gases. 

Please check Compass for updates and information. We look forward to having a great Term 2!

Grade 3

It was a welcomed return to the classroom greeted by many smiling faces! The students have made an excellent start to the term. 

Reading: Recalling Facts and Details and Questioning are the Comprehension strategies we are focusing on this week. Students in 3H, 3R, and 3G have been generating questions before, during, and after reading a range of texts. 3R and 3J have been reading texts and identifying facts and details which support the main idea. 

Writing: We are beginning the term by focusing on the Persuasive Writing genre. The students have been introduced to the purpose and text structure, as well as exploring emotive language and its impact within a persuasive writing piece. We have also looked at how to structure paragraphs with a topic sentence and supporting details. 

Maths: The focus in our number group is Division. The students will be learning how to divide using a variety of strategies including using diagrams and models, knowledge from fact families, and mental and written calculation. The focus in our applied group is symmetry. The students will be exploring lines of symmetry in various shapes and objects.  

Inquiry: Our inquiry topic this term is titled ‘We are One', a study of history and Indigenous Culture. The students have been introduced to key vocabulary, identified what they already know, and generated a wondering question.  

Grade 4

Welcome back to school!

The Grade 4 students have settled back into their classroom routines, expectations and behaviours exceptionally.

As a part of our ‘Into the Unknown’ Inquiry unit this term, this week students have been learning about the importance of ANZAC Day and what it means to them. Students have created wonderful posters to represent the Last Post being played at dawn on ANZAC Day. Next week we have our first Excursion for the year at CERES Environment Community Park on Thursday 29th April. A reminder that consent and payment is due by Tuesday 27th April.

In Reading, students have been revising Main idea, Facts & Details, Understanding Sequence, and learning how to summarise non-fiction books.

In Writing, students have been learning how to write a Recount using past tense verbs, verbs and adverbs, adjectives, and Tier 2 vocabulary.

In Numeracy, students have begun learning about Multiplication in their Number groups, and Time in their Applied groups.

Grade 5/6

Welcome back! We hope you all had an enjoyable break and are ready and refreshed for another big term.

Grade 6 parents should have all received a Compass notification about Year 7 Transition. This needs to be returned no later than Friday 14th May.

Parkdale Secondary College will also visit students tomorrow and present an Information Session for the Grade 6 students.

Writing: Our writing focus is on persuasive texts to kick off the term. We have started with a focus on PEEL paragraphs (Point, Evidence, Explanation and Link) for structuring argumentative paragraphs. Our focus next week will turn to introductions and the use of anecdotes, alliteration and emotive language in hooking in our reader. 

Maths: We have started some new maths topics. Grade 5 – Multiplication Concepts and Strategies and Grade 6 – Decimal Operations. Our applied topic continues to be Measurement with a focus on Volume, Capacity and Mass. 

Reading Comprehension: We have started reading our new mentor text “A Long Walk to Water” which the students are already highly engaged in. We will be doing comprehension activities related to this text throughout the term. 

Inquiry: We have started a new term with the beginning of our new inquiry topic which will be science based the Term and is entitled Why Is It So? We have started by exploring the role of science at a local, national and global level and how it has affected our lives.











Camp Australia

Camp Australia
Camp Australia – Guiding Children’s Growth

We are proud to partner with Camp Australia to provide our Outside School Hours Care (OSHC) program.

Camp Australia programs are centered on child enrichment, while ensuring a reliable, engaging and hassle-free OSHC service at our school. Their engaged educators foster a safe, inclusive environment where children can relax, have fun and grow.


Your OSHC – OSHC that inspires

At Your OSHC by Camp Australia, every before school, after school and pupil free day program is tailored to the likes and interests of each child in service. Camp Australia’s educators design enriching experiences to inspire your children’s confidence, independence and imagination. In any one week, they could be participating in science experiments, active play, creative expression and more - they believe in learning through experience so that each child can grow.


Rocketeers – Extraordinary Holiday Adventures

Rocketeers by Camp Australia is a space for children to escape the ordinary and experience the extraordinary during their school holidays. Every school holiday break is a new mission for children to embark upon. With carefully designed programs, directed by the children and informed by family feedback, no two days are the same with Rocketeers. Experiences planned could include games, arts & crafts, sport, excursions, cooking, coding and more.

Click here to find out more about Camp Australia's program at our school, including hours of operation and fees. To attend care, you must register your child. Register now for free.