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From the Principal

Before Arrival Times

We have a number of children who are arriving and waiting at the gates well before 8:45am.

Teachers are officially on duty for 15 minutes prior to the commencement of the school day, therefore there is no supervision before this time. 

  • School commences at 9:00am
  • No student should be dropped off before 8.45 am as there is no supervision. 

If you need to drop your child off earlier than 8:45am, please make a booking through Camp Australia.   

Curriculum Day - Friday 21st May

Friday 21st May will be a Pupil Free Day. Staff will be undertaking Professional Learning around the topic of Assessment. Camp Australia will operate a Pupil Free Day on this day and parents will need to book directly through Camp Australia.


Congratulations to all 3 Aerobics teams (2 Girls and 1 Boys team) who have made it through to the State Finals which will be held in June. The girls and boys have been dedicated and trained exceptionally hard during the past few months. Thank you to Ms Ulrich, Ms Hibberd and Ms Grose for training the teams.

House Cross Country

Well done to all the children who completed the cross country course on Friday. It was great to see so many children having a go and cheering on other PPS children.

Working Bee

A huge thank you to the families that attended the Working Bee on Sunday. New sand was placed in the sand pit and long jump pit, mulch spread around the gardens and weeding.

Thank you to Helen M and Nats C for organising Sunday.

Mother’s Day Stall

The Mother’s Day stall will be held on Friday 7th May. Children can bring no more than $5 and a bag to place their gift in. We wish all the Mum’s a very Happy Mother’s Day on Sunday.

Year 6 to 7 Transition
All parents/carers must return the ‘Application for Year 7 Placement’ forms to their Primary School by, Friday 14th May to ensure their first preference requests are processed. If you are out of zone for a Secondary College an Out of Zone Application form needs to be completed and handed in with your Enrolment Form.

Students Attitude to School Survey

Each year, the DET issues an Attitude to School Survey to all Years 4, 5 & 6 students. These surveys are designed to identify the positive aspects of school life for students, as well as identifying if there are areas to be considered for improvement. Student Engagement and Well-being are at the forefront of our students’ success at school so the feedback provided will lead to positive outcomes for the children. PPS students will be completing the survey over the next 2 weeks.  


Children in Grades 3 and 5 will sit NAPLAN this term. Our NAPLAN dates will be Tuesday 11th, Wednesday12th, Thursday 13th and Tuesday 18th May.  


Foundation Enrolments 2022

Enrolment forms for Foundation students starting in 2022 have been sent home. Please return these as soon as possible. All enrolment forms need to be in by Monday 21st June. 

Leanne Bradney


And Now A Word From Mrs Richards

There is no doubt that the use of digital technology increased last year as it became a way for us to connect socially. The challenge is now to ensure that our children are using social media sites safely and age appropriately. The minimum age to open an account on Snapchat, Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, TikTok, etc. is 13 years of age. Despite this we are seeing increasing numbers of children as young as Grade 2 who are operating their own Social Media accounts (some with parent permission and some without!). I’m sure we are all well aware of the dangers that face young children online - cyberbullying, over sharing of information, vulnerability to predatory adults, exposure to large amounts of commercial advertisements which may not be age appropriate, risk of identity theft and reduced physical activity time.

Children under the age of 13 are not equipped to make smart decisions online. Research shows that it takes children about 12 years to fully develop the cognitive structures that enable them to engage in ethical thinking. Before 12 it is difficult, if not impossible, for a child to fully grasp the impact of their actions upon others, online or otherwise. By joining social networking sites young children are putting themselves in harm’s way before they are ready to respond appropriately. As a school, our recommendation is that primary school age children should not be accessing social media sites. Time is devoted during Digital Technology Lessons and at grade forums to discussing and informing students of the dangers of these. As parents, if you allow your child to do so, then it is important that you set very firm guidelines in place and continue to be aware of what your child is accessing and what they are sharing with others.  

As children start to navigate the online world and interact with others more independently, they are more likely to be exposed to risks of bullying or unwanted contact, accidentally coming across inappropriate content or racking up bills through in-app purchases.

Adult guidance can help them be aware of the risks and understand what is expected of them. And let them know you are always there to support them.  The eSafety Commission advise parents to;

  • Keep the computer or device in an area of your home that can be supervised. And check in regularly with your child to see what they are viewing.
  • Stay engaged with their online activity. Consider setting up your own accounts with the sites they use most so you can see how they work and understand the risks. 
  • Explore the online world with them to help establish that this is not just a solitary activity. Play games with them. Do a creative project together.
  • Encourage respect and empathy. Teach them to avoid sharing or posting things that may upset others.
  • Teach your child that there are ways they can deal with material that worries or frightens them. This includes immediately telling you or another trusted adult of any concerns or uncomfortable material.  Be clear about how much time they can spend online, the apps they can use, the websites they can visit and what they can share or post online.  
  • Ensure your own devices are protected by a password or pin, so your child cannot accidentally come across inappropriate content.
  • Use parental control tools appropriate for the age and experience of your child.  Be upfront about this and get your child on board. Let them know that these can be reviewed and changed as they get older and they continue to demonstrate responsible behaviour. Consider installing a ‘child-friendly’ search engine that will allow them to explore a limited number of sites.

The eSafety Commissioner has an excellent website that is a useful resource providing advice for parents on how to help children have safe experiences online.  They are also offering free webinars this Term on how parents and carers can set up devices and apps to help kids and young people aged from 4-13 stay safe online. 

The Webinar will cover:

  • the benefits and limitations of parental controls
  • how to set up iOS and Android devices for safety
  • how to set up popular games and apps like YouTube and Roblox for safety
  • using family tech agreements and other parenting strategies to manage online risks
  • how eSafety can help when things go wrong.

Thursday 6 May 7.30 to 8.30 pm

Tuesday 8 June 12.30 to 1.30 pm

Wednesday 16 June 7.30 to 8.30 pm    



Hoodie up for Autism

Hoodie Up Day!

By Alexander O and Ruby McW –SRC Reps for 5/6C

On Friday 30th April, the school participated in an event called “Hoodie Up” day. The event basically raised awareness about Autism. SRC representatives presented a Powerpoint presentation to their class which discussed what Autism is, how it impacts upon people and what we can do to support and assist people with Autism. The students from Foundation to Grade 6 were given the option to wear their casual hoodie or jumper to school and if they wished to do this they had to bring in a gold coin, we raised $894.15 which was then donated to AMAZE.  People with Autism sometimes find that wearing a hoodie helps to block out any unwanted noise or bright lights and makes them feel secure and calm.

Jacob in Grade 3 presented an amazing speech to assembly telling us about his experiences as someone who has Autism.

Mr Bainbridge's Bulletin

At Parkdale PS we completed NAPLAN Online in 2019 for the first time and our Grade 3 and 5 students will complete the 2021 assessments online in the coming weeks. Our Grade 5 students use laptops for all of their assessments while our Grade 3 students use IPad for the Reading, Numeracy and Conventions of Language (Spelling and Grammar). The only assessment that is completed in a hard copy booklet is the Grade 3 Writing. Some of the online assessments have audio enabled questions so the students use headphones to have questions or prompts read to them. They can replay a question if they need to hear it for a second time. All students completed a state-wide practice test in March to ensure the platform functioned with the high volume of activity. It allowed the students to operate the technical aspects of the platform and become aware of the types of questions they will answer in May. Question types include multiple choice, ordering, click and drag, select more than one and type an answer. There is a public demonstration site that shows the types of questions within the NAPLAN Assessments.

NAPLAN Online Reading, Numeracy and Conventions of Language use a tailored test design. The tests automatically adapt to a student’s test performance and asks questions that match the student’s achievement level. Tailored testing allows all students to demonstrate their knowledge and encourages students to stay engaged with the test.

Reading and Numeracy test design

Students at each year level start with the same set of questions (testlet A). Each student’s answers in testlet A will determine the questions they see in the second testlet. These may be less complex (B) or more complex (D).

The student’s answers in the second testlet will determine the difficulty of questions in the final testlet: highest complexity (F), average complexity (E), lowest complexity (C). Students who receive a low score for testlet A move directly to testlet C and then complete testlet B.

NAPLAN results for each student are based on both the number and difficulty of the questions the student answered correctly. A student who completes a more complex set of questions is more likely to achieve a higher score (and a higher band placement), while a student who answers the same number of questions correctly, but follows a less complex pathway, will achieve a lower score.

Conventions of language test design

The conventions of language test includes a grammar and punctuation (G&P) section and a spelling section, each with two branching points. A message will inform students that they cannot return to the G&P section once they move to spelling.

If you would like to know any more information about NAPLAN Assessments, please let me know.


What's Happening!


This week in Foundation we have been learning about the letters b and r. Over the past two weeks, we have also begun our corridor reading. Thank you again to those parents who came to read with children! If you would like to help out and there are still some spaces available, please ensure you have a valid Working with Children’s Check and you sign up on the sheets outside the Foundation corridor on a day/week that suits you. 

In Reading this Term, we have begun to focus on Fluency. Fluency refers to the accurate, effortless and fluid reading of words and sentences with expression. The best strategy for developing reading fluency is to provide children with many opportunities to read the same passage orally several times. Words should be reasonably easy for them – that is, texts containing mostly words that they know or can decode easily. In Foundation we have begun ‘Fluency Pairs’ in class. Your child has a reading partner each week and they take turns reading aloud to one another. Initially we have started with just decodable words made up of our introduced sounds, but will move onto sentences, passages and books in the future. At the end of each week your child will bring home their fluency sheet and it would be great if they were encouraged to read them to family members. If they make an error it is important to stop them, ask them to try again (assist with decoding if needed) before moving onto the next word. 

This week we also had Breakfast at School. The children came to school with their pyjamas on and enjoyed a healthy breakfast together. It was lots of fun! 


Foundation Teachers 

Grade 1

This week in Grade 1 we have continued our Maths topics of Subtraction and Chance. In Reading we are working on expanding our vocabulary by finding interesting words in our books. This has linked in really well with our Grammar lessons, using Adjectives to describe what things look, feel, sound, taste and smell like. We have also applied our understanding of Adjectives and interesting words to help us write Alliterations this week! It was so much fun! We are continuing to learn about weather, and we are beginning to keep track of the daily weather in Parkdale by recording weather symbols. Our Word Study focus has been ‘soft and hard c and g’, and we have started to use a new Red Flag Word practise system. You will notice that your child may have a new Red Flag Word instruction sheet in their homework folder!
A reminder that if you would like to assist with reading in the morning, please sign your name up to a day/date at your classroom door. Some classes are still looking for parent helpers.

Grade 2

Our writing focus of PROCEDURES has been met with enthusiasm and excitement. Recipes, Game Instructions and How to Make things are just a few of the types of procedures we have started to follow and write. Any opportunities at home to follow and look at procedures would be amazing for the students continued learning and understanding.

In our Maths groups, students are continuing to build on their ADDITION strategies to assist with our topic of SUBTRACTION. Students are working through different strategies to help them work out solutions such as counting back, number lines, physical manipulatives, and splitting numbers up - just to name a few!

As part of our applied Maths topic, DATA, GRAPHS AND CHANCE, students are learning to collect data using tally marks and convert them into clear bar and picture graphs.  

During our morning reading program we are focusing on the AUTHOR’S PURPOSE and the reasons why an author might write a story. We strongly encourage students to be reading aloud at home to someone so they can build expression, fluency and comprehension of the texts. The blue reader folders are a great way for students to record what they have read, store red flag words and sound packs, and keep notices/notes safe. 

Grade 2 Teachers

Grade 3

It has been another busy few weeks in Grade 3. Just a reminder that NAPLAN testing will be commencing next week. Find further information on Compass. 

Reading: All classes are focusing on the reading comprehension strategy sequencing. The students are developing their understanding of sequencing by recognising the order in which things happen in various reading passages.  

Writing: We have been practising the planning stage of the writing process by brainstorming ideas and arguments both collaboratively and individually. The students have then started to write a persuasive text. We have continued to look at how to structure paragraphs with a topic sentence and supporting details as well. 

Maths: The students have finished up their division concept with a post-test to demonstrate and apply their learned knowledge. Next week, we will focus on problem-solving tasks during the NAPLAN period. Our applied focus beginning next week is data and chance. We will be looking at reading various graph types, predicting the likelihood of events happening, and finding possible combinations.  

Inquiry: Before creating their own inclusive flag for our nation, the students studied the Australian, Aboriginal, and Torres Strait Islander flag and learned about what the colours and symbols represent. They also investigated and researched Indigenous culture using digital technology.  

Digital Technology: We explored how to research using the 5 step process to find more accurate and credible information. The students will be applying this knowledge to research information relating to our Inquiry topic.  

Wellbeing: To help develop their speaking and listening skills, the students enjoyed playing 'Dead Ants', a ‘Play is the Way’ game with a focus on listening, following instructions, and making good decisions. 

We would like to thank parents for keeping their children at home if they are unwell. Below are some optional Home Learning tasks and websites to access during student absences.  

Reading: Daily reading of right fit books and writing a summary. Kids News – read articles and answer comprehension questions 

Writing: Free choice writing – remind your child to think about text structure, planning, vocabulary and editing. Pobble 365 provides a picture a day as a prompt for students to write stories. This website also provides short activities for spelling and grammar practise 

Maths: Daily 10 , Hit the button , Essential Online assigned math tasks 

Student absences are also an opportunity to complete weekly homework (daily reading, vocabulary focus word study, and Essential Online assigned math tasks). 

Grade 4

The Grade 4’s thoroughly enjoyed their excursion to CERES last week, learning more about Aboriginal and Indonesian Cultures. It was fantastic to see the students experiencing firsthand about other cultures and to see them enjoy the day so much. 

Writing: We have been learning more about verbs, adverbs, paraphrasing and note-taking strategies to improve our ability to write descriptive recounts. 

Maths: In Applied groups, students have been learning how to tell the time to the minute. In Number groups we have explored a range of multiplication strategies and continued to practise our times tables.

Homework: A reminder that Word Study homework is now being assigned through Seesaw, while Maths is being completed through Essential Assessment. 

Finally, all classes have been designated their songs for the school concert and will begin learning the lyrics in the coming weeks!

Grade 4 Team

Grade 5/6

Grade 6 parents should have all received a Compass notification about Year 7 Transition. This needs to be returned no later than Friday 14th May.

Writing: We have continued our focus on persuasive texts. This week we have revisited DAFOREST, looked at some interesting and engaging examples of persuasive texts and constructed quality arguments.

Maths: Students have continued working on their Maths (Number) topics being Multiplication Concepts and Strategies (Grade 5) and Decimal Operations (Grade 6). Students should have completed their Measurement Post Test on Volume, Capacity and Mass this week. Our next Maths (Applied) topic is Location and Transformation.

Reading Comprehension: This week we have read chapters 6-8 of our mentor text “A Long Walk to Water”. Students have been writing summaries of each chapter, with a partner, and posting their work on Seesaw.

Inquiry: This week students have continued learning about the Scientific Method with a focus on ‘Making Observations’ and ‘Questioning’. They have discussed what a testable and non-testable question is and considered “What makes a good scientific question?”

Student Absence/Home Learning: Thank you for following the school guidelines and keeping your son/daughter home if they are unwell. Grade 5/6 staff are now able to post optional Seesaw activities, focusing on literacy and numeracy, for your child to complete at home if they are absent from school. These activities will only be made available after a parent/guardian has emailed a request to their child’s class teacher on the morning of their absence.

Don’t forget the Mother’s Day stall at PPS on Friday 7th May. Happy Mother’s Day to all our Grade 5/6 families.





Mother's Day Stall - Friday 7th May 2021

School Photographs - Thursday May 27th 2021

Values Awards - April 19th 2021





Integrity: For always showing such wonderful integrity, in the classroom and playground, with her strong choices.

Lila W


Respect: For being a wonderful role model by consistently listening to her peers and showing sensitivity towards their feelings. 

Milly B


Respect: For always showing respect to his teachers and peers and making strong choices that support his learning.

Eklavya D


Excellence: For always striving to complete work to a high standard demonstrating excellence.

Sichen B


Respect: For consistently demonstrating high levels of respect in all aspects of her schooling.

Zoe H


Excellence: For consistently producing work to a high standard and for always doing it with a smile 

Madeline P


Integrity: For demonstrating consistent effort in all areas and always trying his best!

Nathan A

Star of the Week - April 23rd 2021

00GPippa PFor showing beautiful listening and trying her best with all of her work.
00JAustin CFor awesome focus with his reading, and terrific sounding out! Well done Austin!
00NSunny DFor playing cooperatively with his friends outside.
00SRana KFor wowing Miss Strong with his incredible improvements in reading!
00TLyla DFor always trying your best with everything you do! Well done!
01BRocco WFor his excellent efforts with his recount writing about his day at the footy. Keep it up, Rocco!
01JEmmalin BFor putting in outstanding effort with your reading!
01MNoah MFor writing a fantastic holiday recount, incorporating lots of detail using his 5 senses! Well done Noah!
01PSammie HFor being such a big help this week and working hard completing all of her school work to such a high standard.
01RDrew IFor displaying excellent independence and persistence during writing and for producing a wonderful recount. Well done.
02BZara LFor continuing to practice your reading at every opportunity. So lovely to listen to you read.
02DJesse AFor always having a friendly and helpful attitude at school and continuously making others smile
02MMaggie RFor always contributing willingly in class and putting a top effort into every task.
02NSiena RFor always working conscientiously to achieve her best. An excellent attitude Siena.
02TLucette MFor her excellent efforts with procedural writing this week! You are a super star!
03DJasmine FFor always having a positive attitude and approaching all learning tasks with enthusiasm. Well done!
03GCharlotte BFor the fantastic attitude and effort you have displayed during the first week of term and desire to improve yourself. Keep it up!
03HOllie MFor showing cooperation by leading his team well, encouraging taking turns and valuing his peers’ thoughts and ideas!
03HLachie V D DFor focusing well during instruction time and making positive contributions during class discussions. Keep it up!
03JAudrey HFor being a wonderful classroom helper and always knowing when a job needed doing.
03RAva GFor volunteering to share her her work with the class and trying her best at all times.
04BVladimir VFor having a great start to Term 2, and being an active participant in his Maths group!
04HLiam DFor consistently making meaningful contributions during classroom discussions. Congratulations Liam!
04PSophie DFor always being a kind, considerate and helpful student in the classroom. Thank you Sophie.
04ROwen RFor always being respectful and showing strong levels of responsibility within the classroom!
56BAsa RFor consistently sharing his insightful and interesting ideas during class discussions.
56CHolly A-HFor consistently working to the best of her abilities and being a role model to her peers.
56CSaoirse CFor her positive attitude in the classroom and demonstrating improved concentration.
56EOliver TFor showing determination to work hard and take on feedback this week. Keep it up!
56EJack DFor making insightful contributions to class discussions this week! Keep it up!
56GShivani KFor always being a super kind and considerate classmate and her wonderful contributions during activities.
56GFinn SFor his fantastic ideas and ability to connect his audience in his written work.
56HJorja HFor continuing to work to the best of her ability, with a positive and enthusiastic attitude.
56HMason FFor his positive and active participation during our Science Inquiry Unit.
56SNiamh HFor making positive and insightful contributions to class discussions.
56USadie RFor her responsibility and support with her peers and teacher in her role as a Digital Technology leader in the classroom.

Values Awards - April 26th 2021


FoundationFor being an empathetic, well-mannered student who is highly respectful of all members of our school community. Ellie W 
1For being a respectful member of Grade 1 who demonstrates beautiful manners and kindness.India T
2For being a respectful, kind and helpful student who always shows initiative and listens to others. You are a role model for your peers.Aidan R
3For always striving to do her absolute best by asking questions and having high expectations of herself.Mackenzie S
4For always beinginclusive, fair and flexible when working with others in the classroom and yard. Jacob G-J
5For consistently demonstrating responsibility for his learning and applying his personal best to all activities.Zach M
6For always being an honest, reliable and respectful student who supports her peers.Asha B

Star of the Week - April 30th 2021

00GSophie VFor her hard work during writing sessions and for always showing beautiful whole body listening.
00JCeline SFor always entering school with a big smile and ready to learn attitude!
00NHeidi WFor trying really hard with her writing.
00STahlin RFor working so hard to complete a FABULOUS weekend recount. Well Done!
00TRosie MFor your amazing neat handwriting and accurate spelling. Well done Rosie!
01BRyan WFor your excellent efforts using expression when reading this week. Keep it up, Ryan!
01JPatrick SFor working hard on your attentive listening and putting lots of effort into writing.
01MHarry JFor his accurate and expressive reading this week! Great work, Harry!
01PSion OFor working hard with his reading using his decoding skills. Great Work Sion.
01RDomenika RFor her excellent rhyming sentences this week. Well done.
02BLeo FFor listening to others and working in your team to complete your procedural text writing so well.
02DLilah DFor being resilient when faced with challenges and always showing kindness to others.
02MBonnie MFor being a helpful and kind class member who always tries her best and has beautiful manners.
02NJackson CFor taking responsibility and being a reliable ipad monitor. Great effort.
02NKayleigh AFor having a positive attitude to all learning tasks and for trying her best. Well done.
02TJude WFor his SUPER STAR efforts with Red Flag word spelling. Well done!
03DJacob MFor his incredible speech explaining how we are all unique in lots of different ways. Well done Jacob you should be very proud.
03GMackenzie CFor the awesome attitude she displays to all class tasks and taking on feedback to improve her work.
03HGeorgina WFor her creative flag design and explanation of the chosen colours and symbols during our 'We are One' inquiry unit.
03JEla SFor making valuable contributions to class discussions. Thank you for sharing your thoughts with us.
03RWendy LFor making valuable contributions to class discussions and excellent persuasive writing!
04BScarlett DFor continually aiming to her best in every subject and asking questions to extend her learning.
04HSam TFor showing determination during all set tasks! Congratulations Sam.
04PZoe EFor always giving her best effort and working diligently on tasks in class. Keep up the wonderful work Zoe.
04RSam MFor always having a positive attitude and making his classmates laugh!
56BZoe HFor her positivity and enthusiasm towards all learning tasks.
56CRyley BFor being an empathetic student and trying to take greater responsibility for his learning.
56CJosh PFor displaying a positive attitude in the classroom and getting along with his peers.
56EAmelia PFor displaying gratitude by looking for the positives in challenging situations.
56EThomas TFor displaying increased focus and contributing insightful thoughts in class discussions.
56GNoah BFor his improved focus and his excellent ideas and structure within his persuasive writing introductions.
56HRaj HFor his outstanding contributions during all class discussions this week.
56SMienna LFor being a super role model and great listener!
56SFlynn A-HFor always trying his best and producing great work in class!”
56SMacey WFor always trying her best and being a great friend.
56UHarry WFor his wonderful effort delivering the Hoodies Up presentation to the class.
56UHarrison GFor always giving things a go in the classroom and being open to feedback to try and improve his work.

Camp Australia

Camp Australia
Camp Australia – Guiding Children’s Growth

We are proud to partner with Camp Australia to provide our Outside School Hours Care (OSHC) program.

Camp Australia programs are centered on child enrichment, while ensuring a reliable, engaging and hassle-free OSHC service at our school. Their engaged educators foster a safe, inclusive environment where children can relax, have fun and grow.


Your OSHC – OSHC that inspires

At Your OSHC by Camp Australia, every before school, after school and pupil free day program is tailored to the likes and interests of each child in service. Camp Australia’s educators design enriching experiences to inspire your children’s confidence, independence and imagination. In any one week, they could be participating in science experiments, active play, creative expression and more - they believe in learning through experience so that each child can grow.


Rocketeers – Extraordinary Holiday Adventures

Rocketeers by Camp Australia is a space for children to escape the ordinary and experience the extraordinary during their school holidays. Every school holiday break is a new mission for children to embark upon. With carefully designed programs, directed by the children and informed by family feedback, no two days are the same with Rocketeers. Experiences planned could include games, arts & crafts, sport, excursions, cooking, coding and more.

Click here to find out more about Camp Australia's program at our school, including hours of operation and fees. To attend care, you must register your child. Register now for free.