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From The Principal

We find ourselves at the end of Term 2 already. Although we faced a minor challenge with another lockdown, the staff, students and parents did an amazing job shifting their focus back to remote learning. We were able to run many more events than this time last year such as Aerobics and Cross Country. Our Foundation students enjoyed breakfast at school and we had Kinder Visits for children starting in 2022. In Term 3 the Grade 4, 5 and 6 children have camps scheduled and the Foundation students will celebrate 100 days at school. The children have enjoyed their inquiry topics this term and the work they have produced has been of a very high standard.

School Concert 2021 - ‘Parkdale and the Genie’

The countdown is on……..The children have been practising their concert dance and will record their song on Thursday. The cast are in full rehearsal mode and the parents are finalising costumes. The concert is on Thursday 29th July at The Palais Theatre in St Kilda. Further information will be provided very shortly in regards to ticket sales.

Parent Teacher Interviews

Parent teacher interviews were held on Monday and Tuesday afternoon and evening. It was great to see so many parents take the opportunity to meet (via WebEx) with their child’s teacher and discuss their first Semester’s progress and achievements.

We hope all families have an enjoyable and relaxing break and we look forward to seeing everyone in Term 3, Monday 12th July.

End of Term: Early Dismissal Friday 25th June at 2:30pm. Due to current restrictions there will not be an assembly and students will be dismissed from their classrooms.

Leanne Bradney


Mr Bainbridge's Bulletin

Recently, you will have received an end of Semester Report for your child and had the opportunity to hold a parent-teacher conference with their teacher. The mid-year is a key point to reflect on how your child is tracking in relation to the Victorian Curriculum. Our Semester Reports are aimed to celebrate the achievements that your child has made and to also inform some future learning aspects to improve their skills, application or behaviour within the classroom. Our students conduct assessment tasks on an ongoing basis and this along with the skills they have demonstrated within the classroom create the basis of their report. Our teachers use a range of assessments as well as year level and cross year level moderation to inform their teacher judgments.

We are guided by the DET in relation to the overall format of Semester Reports inclusive of some required elements and point scales. We have made adjustments to the structure of the written comments to include dialogue on a Personal level, English Achievement, Mathematics Achievement, Inquiry Topics and Future Learning points.

DET requirements state that two written reports be made available each year for every child. So written Semester Reports are completed in June and also December. As an added extra, in 2019, we initiated Progress Reports at the end of Term 1 for Grade 1 – 6 and Term 3 for the whole school, to provide an extra communication point and check in on how your child was travelling in the areas of Reading, Writing, Mathematics, as well as their Effort and Behaviour.

Communication and working together with the best interests of your child in mind are vitally important. Our staff also provide access via their email address as another avenue for contact. Relationships are a vital part of education and this encompasses, students, teachers and parents. As our school motto states, ‘Together We Achieve’.

Have a great and safe two week break whether you manage to get away or enjoy some time at home and I look forward to seeing you back in Term 3.

What's Happening!


What a crazy Term!! The Foundation students have done an exceptional job of coping with change and we are sure they are all looking forward to a hard earnt break!   

This week we have been busy making special houses for our Rock Friends and talking about what they need and want in their homes. We have also learnt the letter Zz, the last letter in our alphabet! To celebrate completing letters A-Z we will be having a special Alphabet dress up day on the Wednesday the 22nd of June.   

Over the holidays, we are sending home some holiday homework ‘suggestions’, to revise our learning this term. If you have a little spare time, it would be fabulous if you could revise this with your child. The teachers strongly recommend keeping up the reading practise in the break including practising the sound pack with your child, as this builds fluency and automaticity with reading. 

Also a reminder that we have an early finish on Friday at 2:30pm. 

We hope everyone enjoys their holidays and come back well rested and refreshed, ready for Term 3!  We know it has been a particularly challenging Term, but we can’t thank you enough for your support, particularly over our remote learning period.

Thanks everyone, 

Foundation Teachers 

Grade 1

It’s hard to believe we have reached the end of the first semester in Grade 1! We are very proud of how our children handled the short burst of remote learning and a smooth return to school for the last couple of weeks!

It was also lovely to meet with many of the parents this week for Parent Teacher interviews.

In the last couple of weeks we have been busy practising for the concert which is coming up soon early in Term 3. It would be great if you could help your child to practise over the holidays to build their confidence, the song is on Seesaw.

We have also been focusing on finishing our Writing topic of procedures, as well as our Maths topic of Data and Graphs.

We hope all our Grade 1 families have a lovely, safe break and we look forward to Term 3 with you all!

Grade 2

As we come to a close of a busy, yet amazing term, we are very proud of our Grade 2’s and all their excellent efforts and achievements. 

For our daily reading and cafe goals we have been looking at the way similes enter our vocabulary and how we can use them in our writing. Which follows on to our writing focus of the last couple of weeks which has been poetry. The students have been coming up with some amazing colour and haiku poems. 

We are wrapping up our Maths topic of Fractions and looking forward to another learning filled term after the break. 

During the break don’t forget to keep your mind active by playing Maths games, reading and any writing activities. We hope that you have an amazing and relaxing break and we cannot wait to start Term 3! 

Grade 2 Team

Grade 3

Once again the term has flown by. The Grade 3 teachers are extremely proud of our cohort of students and everything they have achieved this semester. We hope our students and their families have a safe and relaxing holiday.  

Reading: Over the last two weeks, the students have explored how to make accurate predictions and inferences using clues from the text as well as their own prior knowledge.  

Writing: After learning about the text structure and language features in remote learning, the students commenced their inquiry project. During our digital technologies lessons, the students researched their chosen famous Indigenous person and summarised the facts and information into their own words. With this information, the students individually constructed an information report and chose the way to present their final copy. In our writing revolution and grammar sessions, we explored how to combine simple sentences using conjunctions including ‘because’, ‘but’, ‘so’, ‘and’.   

Mathematics: In our number math groups we have been learning about fractions over the last few weeks. The students have practised dividing a whole into equal parts, naming groups using fractions, finding equivalent fractions and fractions of a group. To finish the term, we have completed a post-test to see the students’ growth. In our applied class groups, we are investigating time. This concept will continue into Term 3. Encouraging your child to practise identifying the time on an analogue clock at home is a way to work on reading time. 

Wellbeing: Our students have participated in a team-building game called ‘Robots’ to build resilience and build their emotional literacy and communication skills as a part of our ‘Play is the Way’ program.  

Grade 4

In Grade 4 the students have had a fantastic finish to the term. It has been so wonderful to have the students back after a short stint of home learning. All Grades transitioned back into the classroom very well and made the most of the past two weeks.

Writing: After completing information reports, the students have been improving their vocabularies and practising their use of simple, compound and complex sentences. Finally, we used our knowledge of adverbs, adjectives and syllables to create tanka and colour poems.

Maths: After a busy term learning multiplication and division skills, we have been spending some time reviewing all four operations. During Applied Maths, students have been learning how to identify acute, obtuse, right and straight angles, as well as using a protractor to measure angles.

School concert: Song recordings and dance rehearsals have been going smoothly at school. Be sure students continue to practise over the holidays.

We hope everyone has a well deserved break and enjoys some rest and relaxation!

Grade 4 Team

Grade 5/6

Students have been working on a book review based on their class text ‘A Long Walk to Water’ over the past two weeks. This included designing a front cover, brief synopsis, rating, review and character analysis.

Students completed a Post Test for their Maths (Number) topics on Division Concepts and Strategies (Grade 5) and Percentages (Grade 6) last week. This week students have been revising a variety of concepts, in both number and applied sessions, identified as areas for improvement from class work and testing throughout the semester.

This week students have completed their ‘Why is it so?’ projects requiring them to write a scientific method and orally present an experiment to the class. Children have been working on this task over a number of weeks in both science and the classroom. We were all impressed by the general quality and standard of the presentations.

A reminder to keep practising the singing and dancing of your class song over the holidays in preparation for our concert in Week 3 next term.

We wish all our Grade 5/6 students and families a safe, happy Term 2 holidays.

Star of the Week - June 4th 2021

00GAlannah HFor her incredible commitment to her learning at home, particularly her writing!
OOGSam CFor his amazing efforts in all Remote Learning tasks and working so hard to improve his handwriting!
00JLiv SFor her outstanding effort with all Remote Learning tasks! Awesome Liv!
00JZach JFor an awesome effort in all your Remote Learning tasks! Fantastic Zach!
00NAsher HFor having a positive attitude towards all your Remote Learning tasks! Fantastic Asher!
00NJoseph HFor doing amazing writing during Remote Learning! Well done Joseph!
00SScarlett MFor listening carefully to feedback and always trying her best to improve!
00STaysh WFor listening carefully to feedback and always working hard to improve!
00TAddisen MFor your amazing effort and detail when completing your pattern fish activity. Well done Addisen!
00TRiver BFor your amazing effort with your Yum and Yuck writing and having a go at spelling new words. Well done River!
01BCharlie O'BFor your fantastic efforts with home learning so far, particularly with our small group reading session. Well done Charlie!
01JHarvey JFor adapting really well to home learning and trying your best to complete every activity!
01MCurtis AFor his excellent effort in all tasks this week! Keep up the awesome work, Curtis!
01POlivia SFor always trying her best and excellent adapting to home learning. Keep up the great work!
01RMaria CFor ensuring she puts in 100% effort during Home Learning. I especially loved her weather report recording. Well done!
02BAsher JFor working so hard on your reading this term. Wonderful work Asher!
02DErica MFor your amazing poetry and efforts throughout Remote Learning. Well done Erica, keep it up!
02MTodd WFor being an active, respectful and cooperative participant in whole class and small group WebEx meetings this week.
02NJenson AFor an incredible effort on all home learning tasks. Well done Jenson.
02TArcher BFor his excellent efforts with Remote Learning activities. Well done!
03DKade CFor consistently showing great enthusiasm and determination towards home learning. Well done Kade!
03DWilla GFor approaching each day with a positive attitude and for working hard to complete all tasks to the best of her ability.
03GWilliam HFor his level of engagement and the work he has submitted during the week. Nice work
03GDarcy KFor his engaging narrative text ending to this weeks pobble story starter which included good use of subordinate conjunctions. Well done!
03HNathan MFor actively contributing to class discussions and for being a helpful member of our class.
03HJana JFor completing all set tasks to the best of her ability and taking on feedback to improve. Well done Jana!
03JSienna MFor completing all her work to a very high standard this week. Well done!
03JZofia SFor actively participating in class WebEx meetings and for her excellent effort with all tasks.
03RLennox G NFor his level of engagement and the work he has submitted during the week. Awesome job Lennox!
03RJake DFor actively contributing to class discussions during morning conferences and the outstanding work he has submitted!
04BLyla HFor consistently completing all Seesaw activities to the best of her ability this week!
04HHarriet TFor her positive attitude and dedication during all Remote Learning tasks. Well done!
04PJosie SFor completing terrific work in writing and maths. Keep up the wonderful effort Josie.
04RHarry BFor an outstanding effort this week and for completing all tasks to a high standard!
56BJude GFor diligently completing all set tasks and regularly contributing to WebEx discussions.
56CTessa FFor continuing to work diligently and produce work of a high standard during Remote Learning.
56CMahlin NFor his active participation in our Maths WebEx meetings and producing work of a good standard.
56EJack DFor contributing to WebEx class sessions and producing work to a high standard with a positive attitude.
56GIsobel AFor her sensational attitude and effort during our lockdown and always bringing postivity to our class.
56HZach MFor consistently demonstrating his personal best during all tasks over Remote Learning.
56HEva HFor all of her outstanding effort during Remote Learning, especially the excellence shown during maths.
56SLucia HFor demonstrating outstanding resilience during Remote Learning.
56SNikita CFor always trying her best and producing great work during Remote Learning.
56SLuka DFor his positive attitude and work ethic throughout Remote Learning.
56UCharlotte DFor her consistent effort in completing her online tasks this week.
56UMelissa OFor always being a kind, thoughtful and extremely helpful student both in the classroom and during online learning.

Values Awards - June 14th 2021

FoundationRespect: For being a respectful, kind and helpful student who always listens attentively to others and is a class role model.Lucinda W
1Responsibility: For always making the most of every learning opportunity. Taylor J
2For consistently demonstrating all of our Super Six values this term.Madison D
3Respect: For always showing respect to her teachers and peers and making strong choices that support her learning.Ada W
4Excellence: For pursuing her personal best in all subjects by working with determination, focus and a growth mindset. Kacy H
5Respect: For always being highly respectful of all her classmates and teachers and her daily kind acts she performs.Shivani K
6Cooperation: - For always demonstrating a mature attitude and working cooperatively with her class members and teachers.India S

Star of the Week - June 18th 2021

00GHamish KFor working really hard and challenging himself in his Writing.
00GMia MFor being a kind and considerate friend, and always trying her best .
00JErin FFor awesome reading with a big, confident voice!
00JEthem GFor listening to teacher feedback and working hard to include full stops in his writing.
00NAlex S CFor making strong choices when playing in the yard.
00NAva CFor working hard to improve your writing. Well done Ava!
00SCharlotte MFor being a considerate student, who is always eager to help out around the classroom.
00SAlex HFor working so hard to improve in all areas of his schooling and displaying an excellent attitude towards school!
00TSam MFor your beautiful neat handwriting. Well done Sam!
00TFlynn SFor having ago spelling new words and using your phoneme fingers. Well done Flynn!
01BEric LFor always having a ready to learn attitude. Keep up the fantastic work, Eric!
01BSophia BFor always being a wonderful helper in the classroom. Thank you, Sophia!
01JLucia CFor working well with lots of different people this week!
01JSally N-GFor always contributing to class discussion and helping others in class!
01MMika BFor her wonderful effort throughout the whole of remote learning. Well done Mika!
01MLogan BFor helping the class brainstorm great imperative verbs for our procedural writing this week!
01PAlana GFor trying very hard with her procedural writing. Keep it up!
01PLola EFor working really hard during remote learning. Well done!
01RMily PFor entering the classroom with a big smile on her face and for always being a wonderful helper!
01RArabella MFor settling back into the routines of school and making the most out of her learning time, by listening, contributing and helping others.
02BRyan MFor having a positive attitude during remote learning. Well done and keep it Ryan!
02DEli HFor your consistent positivity and ability to work well with your peers.
02MChloe MFor being a responsible class member who makes a terrific effort with her learning.
02NEdi SFor outstanding creative poetry writing. Well done Edi.
02NAbby WFor being an enthusiastic learner in all curriculum areas. Excellent attitude Abby.
02NAkinyi OFor an enthusiastic and joyful attitude to learning. Keep it up Akinyi.
02NJackson BFor being a helpful and kind member of our class.
02TBlake OFor working so hard on his reading and Red Flag words. Well done!
02TJuniper WFor her excellent efforts with handwriting and contributing thoughtfully to class discussions.
03DAmber PFor being a helpful and kind class member who always tries her best and has beautiful manners.
03DMila PFor always trying her best on tasks and being a kind and helpful member of our class!
03GJessica DFor her positive approach and effort she has put into class tasks this week. Super Job!
03GEden KFor her well written introduction for her informational text about boomerangs and positive approach to class tasks.Well Done!
03HLucas AFor consistently working to the best of his ability on all set tasks. Well done!
03HLucy YFor demonstrating an excellent work ethic and enthusiastic attitude towards her learning. Great work!
03JApril CFor a huge effort with her reading tasks this week.
03JAlex BFor a sensational effort on all tasks this term. Keep up the excellent work.
03RMya SFor her brilliant work on information reports! Great work!
03RArchie DFor his ability to relate his research to writing a newspaper article and informational texts.
04BDexter GFor consistently remaining focused during any task and completing his work to the best of his ability.
04HJessica SFor her positivity and enthusiasm during all tasks. Congratulations!
04HArchie HFor improved dedication during set tasks. Well done!
04PCallan DFor using constructive feedback to develop and enhance aspects of his writing pieces.
04RCruz WFor his excellent initiative and class participation this week!
56BAudrey TFor always being respectful to her peers and teachers.
56BLevi MFor working hard on his Long Walk to Water review.
56CAngus WFor making solid progress on his science project and being considerate of other classes.
56CRosie MFor being a polite, respectful student who consistently works to the best of her abilities.
56EMiller BFor showing great teamwork skills as he works on his science project.
56EZoe LFor doing a great job editing her work as well as helping others through peer editing.
56GGrace BFor always being an extremely thoughtful and kind student who gives every task her 100% effort.
56GSasha SFor his strong character response of Salva and Nya in his book review.
56HSunny TFor always epitomising the Super Six Values and being the perfect role model for his peers.
56HWill CFor his positive attitude and always putting a smile on everyone's faces.
56SAbbi BFor always trying her best with all tasks and being resilient
56SCharlotte CFor being an exemplary role model to everyone and a great friend.
56SSara LFor always being a diligent and conscientious student.
56SEwan MFor applying himself well to his Science project.
56UWill MFor working cooperatively and effectively with his partner on their ‘Dancing Ghost’ science project.
56ULottie M-WFor her wonderful effort creating her Long Walk to Water front cover.

Camp Australia

Camp Australia – Guiding Children’s Growth

We are proud to partner with Camp Australia to provide our Outside School Hours Care (OSHC) program.

Camp Australia programs are centered on child enrichment, while ensuring a reliable, engaging and hassle-free OSHC service at our school. Their engaged educators foster a safe, inclusive environment where children can relax, have fun and grow.

Your OSHC – OSHC that inspires

At Your OSHC by Camp Australia, every before school, after school and pupil free day program is tailored to the likes and interests of each child in service. Camp Australia’s educators design enriching experiences to inspire your children’s confidence, independence and imagination. In any one week, they could be participating in science experiments, active play, creative expression and more - they believe in learning through experience so that each child can grow.

 – Extraordinary Holiday Adventures

Rocketeers by Camp Australia is a space for children to escape the ordinary and experience the extraordinary during their school holidays. Every school holiday break is a new mission for children to embark upon. With carefully designed programs, directed by the children and informed by family feedback, no two days are the same with Rocketeers. Experiences planned could include games, arts & crafts, sport, excursions, cooking, coding and more.

Click here to find out more about Camp Australia's program at our school, including hours of operation and fees. To attend care, you must register your child. Register now for free.