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From the Principal

We cannot believe that we are at the end of Term 3 and once again have ended the term in a remote learning environment. It isn’t where we would have liked to be at this time of the year, however we should be proud of how we have continued to make the most of the circumstances we find ourselves in.  We can’t control what is happening at the moment but we can try and focus on what we can do rather than what we can’t do, which will help maintain a positive mindset. Our R U Ok? day was a successful day and a great reminder to check in and just take some time out from in front of a screen.

Footy Day and Whole School Planning Day 

Last day of Term - Friday 17th September, 2:30pm Finish
On Friday teachers will check in with their classes in the morning and provide a grid of footy activities for the day. Students will also have the opportunity to log into their football teams WebEx room and sing their club song. At this stage we do not know what the start of Term 4 looks like, so staff will be planning for a number of possibilities.

Foundation 2022 Information Session
PPS Virtual Foundation 2022 Information session for Foundation Parents will be held on Thursday 16th September from 4.00pm - 5.00pm. An email has been sent to all Foundation families with the information.

The Grade 5/6 teachers are working hard behind the scenes to support our Grade 6 students for their transition to Year 7.

There are still a number of uncertainties in regards to next term, however we are planning and preparing as best we can with the information we have.

2022 School Year
If you have a child in Foundation to Grade 5 who is not returning to PPS next year, could you please inform the office or the class teacher via email or in person as soon as possible.  This will assist with planning for class structures and staffing for 2022.

NAPLAN 2021 Results
Our 2021 results for NAPLAN arrived last week. We were extremely proud of the achievements of our Year 3 and 5 students. Below is a snapshot of achievement level data across both year levels and strands. NAPLAN is only one measure of achievement in schools and we always strive to improve; however, the results are something to celebrate.

Year 3

Reading- Well above the State Mean
Writing – Well above the State Mean
Spelling – Well Above the State Mean
Numeracy – Well Above State Mean
Grammar & Punctuation – Well Above State Mean

Year 5

Reading - Above the State Mean
Writing - Well above the State Mean
Spelling - Above the State Mean
Numeracy – Above the State Mean
Grammar & Punctuation – Well above the State Mean

I know I speak on behalf of all PPS staff, that we are all looking forward to returning to onsite learning. The staff are missing face to face teaching and connections they make with the students. We continue to be proud of our Parkdale students who are displaying resilience, persistence and turning up each day even though it might be challenging at times. Once again thank you to the parents who are juggling work commitments as well as home learning, we are extremely grateful for all your support. You have done an amazing job.

Once we have any official communication in regard to the transition back to onsite learning in Term 4, we will communicate this to you.

Enjoy the break and hopefully we have some nice spring sunshine to enjoy over the Term 3 holidays.

We hope everyone keeps safe and healthy.

Leanne Bradney



Mr Bainbridge's Bulletin

Footy Day Friday 17th September

On Friday 17th September we will be holding our annual Footy Day. It’s a fun day to dress up in your AFL team colours and celebrate our great Australian game. If you follow a Rugby code or Soccer team then you can wear those colours on the day. The day will be full of fun activities, club songs, a whole school PE session with Mr Anderson and an AFL player’s video full of well wishes. We will also have our ‘Mystery Footballer’ competition running throughout the week with clues being given out each day from Monday.

The plan of the day is as follows:

Class morning WebEx at the usual time to see everyone in your Grade and mark the roll.

10:00am AFL Club songs in a specific teacher’s WebEx Room. Eg Geelong Cats supporters in Mr Blacklaw’s WebEx Room, Richmond Tigers supporters in Miss Hibberd’s WebEx Room, Rugby/Soccer in Mr Anderson’s WebEx Room etc (links will be posted on Seesaw prior to the day)

1:00pm – 1:30pm Whole School Sport Session with Mr Anderson

Equipment required for the sport session:

  • Wear your Footy team colours
  • Runners and a full Drink Bottle
  • Football (preferable) or Sports ball (eg. Soccer ball, Volleyball, Netball, Dodgeball)
  • Bin, Tree, Chair or Washing basket as a target to aim for
  • Spare pair of shoes or something to make a set of goals out of

All teacher WebEx links and information will be posted onto your child’s Seesaw feed prior to Footy Day for both the Club Songs and Sport session.

Our Year Levels will have a range of tasks and activities that students can complete throughout the day.

If you would like to theme up morning tea and lunch during the day then pies, chips, hot dogs and donuts are classic footy food items.

Have a great Footy Day and enjoy everything that is part of the day.




What's Happening?

The Foundation students have continued to blow us away with their positivity, resilience and hard work over the past two weeks. 

In Phonics, we have been introduced to the digraphs- ch, sh, th, wh and ph. The students have been working on reading, sorting and writing words with these digraphs. We encourage you to continue working on these digraphs as part of your child’s sound pack practise. 

Last week on Thursday, we participated in some different Wellbeing activities as part of R U OK day. We discussed what to do if you weren’t feeling okay, who you could talk to, and how to approach and ask someone if they are feeling ok. The Foundation Students watched a Magician show and learnt how to do some fun magic tricks! We also spent the second half of the day screen free to unplug and spend some time out in the sunshine.

For our last week of term, we have lots of fun WebEx sessions planned. The students recently completed some writing about what they think the ‘best WebEx’ is. We have taken some of these ideas on board and will have lots of fun next week! On Thursday, we are going to be doing some cooking in our pyjamas! 

Thanks again for you all your support throughout the term. We can’t thank you enough. We are so proud of the kids and how resilient they are being in these challenging circumstances. Stay tuned for a special delivery in your mailboxes over the holidays! 

The Foundation Teachers. 

A huge thank you and well done to all our parents, students and staff in Grade 1! We have made it through a tough Term 3, and it is almost time for a well-deserved break!

As you are aware, we are wrapping up our current topics. It has been wonderful reading some of our Narrative writing pieces over the last week and seeing students applying all the components we have been working on! In Inquiry we visited Tasmania and this week will finish up by looking at our home state of Victoria and all the Australian states and territories as a whole again. We are finishing up our unit of Time in Maths and hopefully have developed some skills in reading clocks that can be practised throughout the holidays.

Well done again on quickly adapting this term and making it to the end! Have a safe and happy holiday and we will see you in Term 4!


We made it! 

We would like to start by saying a huge thank you to every single student and family for the past term.  We know it has been challenging at times, however we are so proud of our beautiful students and the resilience they have shown. Over the past week we have loved having individual reading conferences with our students and have been impressed with the amazing progress they have made over the term.

We have thoroughly enjoyed our writing genre of PERSUASIVE WRITING, where students have been convincing the reader about their opinions by using emotive language and giving strong arguments to support their reasons and examples. 

We are wrapping up our Maths Group topic of MONEY and our Applied topic of TIME. We encourage students to continue adding small collections of coins and notes and using money in real life situations.

Students have been demonstrating their understanding of how and why we need to look after our EARTH’S PRECIOUS RESOURCES, by showing us ways in which we can reduce, reuse, recycle and compost at home and in the community. 

We hope that you all have a relaxing, safe and well-deserved break. 

Grade 2 Teachers.


As we commence the last week of Term 3, the Grade 3 teachers would like to take the opportunity to reflect on the student’s incredible effort, hard work and dedication towards their remote learning. To say we are proud would be an understatement. We wish all our students and their families a happy and safe school holidays! 

Reading: The students have been exploring and interpreting figurative language, such as similes, metaphors, idioms, hyperboles, and personification by using other words and phrases in a reading passage as context clues. They have also created their own examples of each type of figurative language and drawn illustrations to match their literal and figurative meaning.  

Writing/Inquiry: It has been fantastic to see the students’ creativity and originality bloom in their ‘Shark Tank’ product over the past week. Linking with our inquiry focus, the students invented or innovated a product with a detailed diagram and explanation of how it works, created an appealing advertisement and ‘sales pitch' speech to sell their product to 'the sharks' (their teachers and peers). We are looking forward to hearing all about their projects in this week’s whole class WebEx meetings! 

Maths: We have continued to focus on revising our knowledge and application of place value in our number math groups. In our applied class groups, the students have studied grids in more detail. The students can plot grid coordinates and join the points to create a shape or picture as well as draw a bird's eye view map on a grid.  

Wellbeing: RU OK? Day on the 9th of September was a great reminder to check in with family, friends, and yourself. The students completed a range of wellbeing activities focusing on identifying emotions and strategies to manage them, thinking of 5 trusted people in their life they can go to for support as well as listening to mindful music while colouring. The ‘screen free’ afternoon was another great reminder to unplug, be present and spend quality time without devices.  

Digital Technologies: The students participated in a fun coding lesson on Scratch where they made an advanced chasey game involving multiple sprites and a scoreboard.  

The Grade 4 students have once again approached remote learning with a positive, can do attitude! They have been working diligently to complete a range of digital and hands on activities. 

During Literacy, students have been refining their inferring skills through FOCUS reading activities. Writing tasks have allowed them to incorporate all of their newly learnt vocabulary during poetry activities. 

In Maths, problem solving has been our focus. This allows the students to use all four operations to try and solve a range of real-world worded problems. 

It has been so great to see the hands on, screen free activities as well. STEM and specialist activities, as well as our R U OK? Day lessons allowed the students to get creative!


Hello 5/6 parent and student community,

We have completed another great week of remote learning with our students continually impressing us with their self-discipline and motivation. The teachers are constantly reflecting on the wonderful daily attendances during WebEx meetings and the quality of the work submissions.

The students have begun working through some introductory concepts around data and graphs to get themselves best prepared for our intensive unit beginning in Term 4. The lessons have been tailored to suit and fill holes of our collective needs from the cohort’s pre-test data. Our Patterns and Algebra unit has come to a close with students being post tested to check their learning and progress.

Students have been working through a range of reading comprehension tasks focused on analysing word choice and the structure pieces across both non-fiction and fictional texts. They have also been working through lyrics of famous songs written by indigenous musicians that have been focused on specific themes, being the Stolen Generation and Land Rights. The writing genre for this week has been limericks and students have been challenged to include a variety of figurative devices within.

Thursday was a huge success with students taking the time to reflect on themselves and how they could help others. It was great to see so many students engage in random acts of kindness and posting their acts to Seesaw. We can’t express how important it is for students to continue to connect with others and make that effort. For all the students who attended the magic show, they were not disappointed. It was incredible to see how the tricks worked and hopefully inspired some up-and-coming magicians.

Grade 5 and Grade 6 Activities:
Grade 5 students were put through their paces this week by learning a range of new yoga poses through the wonderful tutelage of Miss Holland. This supports the concept of trying new things and being open to new experiences. The Grade 6 students are finalising their drafts for their memory books and will be hopefully finished their drafts by the end of the term.

Sex Ed:
Our Sex Ed Program is due to begin Week 1 of Term 4 however with the ongoing changes and uncertainty around lockdowns we aren’t sure exactly the format of the program. There is a Parent’s Information Session being held via Zoom on Tuesday September 14th at 6.30pm we will send out the link for parents to join the session.

From the whole 5/6 team we are extremely proud of the PPS 5/6 students, and we are sure they are ready for the last week of the term and holidays.


You're a Star Awards - September 3rd 2021

00GPhoebe BFor her wonderful improvements to her reading and for her awesome positivity in all our WebEx sessions.
00JAnnabel HFor such awesome respect in all WebEx sessions, positivity, and completing tasks in an outstanding manner!
00NGemma HFor her wonderful positive attitude and willingness to complete all Remote Learning tasks to a high standard!
00SArcher KFor being a considerate member of our class, who puts his absolute BEST effort into completing all remote learning tasks to a high standard!
00TElla MFor always trying your best and using your beautiful manners. Well done Ella!
01BBella V KFor always displaying beautiful manners and enthusiasm with tasks. Well done Bella!
01JLucia CFor working extremely hard all week, and contributing lots to our class WebEx meetings.
01MChloe AFor her fabulous word choices in her "Ouch" story this week! Great work Chloe!
01PArchie FFor excellent effort with his narrative writing. Writing a great "Ouch" story. Well done keep it up!
01RZara PFor lighting up our Webex screens with your enthusiastic, humour and positive attitude! Keep it up!
02BTilly WFor approaching all learning tasks with a positive attitude and demonstrating wonderful skills reading the time. Well done Tilly!
02DAidan RFor your very convincing persuasive writing piece and your consistent display of respect during WebEx sessions.
02MHenry GFor using feedback effectively to make improvements to his work, and sharing his learning during class discussions.
02NAmity HFor her positive attitude and excellent work effort, especially with this week's handwriting task. Amazing Amity.
02TMax WFor his excellent work on all writing tasks this week, thoughtful contributions during WebEx meetings and his continued positivity! Awesome effort Max!
03DSoph CFor taking on feedback, and making valuable contributions to our whole class webex meetings! Well done Soph
03DSullivan WFor completing all tasks with excellence and making thoughtful contributions to our class WebEx! Well done Sully
03GSichen BFor his consistency in submitting tasks to the best of his ability and his participation during class Webex sessions.
03GMackenzie CFor always bringing a smile to Webex sessions with your positive attitude and enthusiasm!
03HDaneesha WFor always​ completing tasks to a high standard and taking pride in her work! Keep up the amazing job!
03HLachie V D DFor planning and writing an impressive explanation text on how a bicycle works. Well done Lachie!​
03JHenley FFor taking the time to complete your tasks carefully and accurately. Your work has been really impressive.
03JMackenzie SFor your sensational written text explaining how bikes work. You followed instructions carefully to create each part. It was brilliant!
03RJake DFor using feedback effectively to make improvements to his work and his contributions during class discussions.
03RIsla WFor her ability to persist with difficult tasks and always working to the best of her ability.
04BRuben SFor adopting a positive mindset despite all the challenges of remote learning.
04BPeter NFor submitting work with thoughtful and in depth responses this week.
04HEva BFor her determined and dedicated approach to Maths during remote learning. Congratulations!
04PAlice MFor very good work with writing procedures and applying what she has learnt during our lessons. Well done Alice.
04RLulu BFor always giving all tasks and requirements 100% of her attention and effort!
56BStella BFor her fantastic attitude towards all tasks and for always sharing her interesting thoughts and ideas in class discussions.
56CAlexander OFor consistently completing set Seesaw activities and submitting work that fulfills the criteria to a high standard.
56ELuke DFor working hard this week to create reflective Haiku's. Excellent job Luke!
56GAisha AFor her super consistent approach and dedication to her online activities and her lovely comments to others.
56GSasha SFor his excellent work output and effort and completing all set tasks at a high level.
56GTwiggie M-BFor her diligent attitude to overcome challenges and complete her set tasks to a strong level.
56SLucy GFor always trying her best with a smile on her face.
56SBrady SFor giving his best effort throughout remote learning!
56URuby BFor her wonderfully written and beautifully presented, own choice, Haiku poems.
56ULottie M-WFor her increased effort with her Seesaw activities and asking clarifying questions when needed.

You're a Star Awards - September 10th 2021

00GBilly BFor always showing such kindness and respect to myself and the class, and always putting in his absolute best efforts.
00GAarvi PFor blowing me away with her amazing reading and for working hard every single day.
00JTed BFor continuing to read during Remote Learning not once but twice each day! Awesome effort!
00NWillow DFor her amazing positive attitude towards her Remote Learning and also making a very cool cardboard box car!
00SRana KFor having an excellent attitude and putting such great effort and detail into all Remote Learning tasks, particularly his writing pieces!
00THayden PFor your awesome effort with your spelling and beautiful neat handwriting. Well done Hayden!
01BWilliam RFor always bringing a smile and a positive attitude to our WebEx meetings each day. Thanks William!
01JAxel MFor working really hard, and having an excellent week of Remote Learning! Well done Axel!
01MSara KFor her outstanding effort in all tasks she completes and her amazing work with her Stop Motion Video this week! Well done, Sara!
01PScarlett FFor her amazing narrative writing. Writing an amazing and entertaining story. Keep up the fabulous work!
01RElla RFor her wonderful organisation skills, readiness to learn and for always remaining positive. Keep it up Ella!
02BLucas HFor his daily contributions to our WebEx meetings and for his wonderfully convincing persuasive texts. Keep up the great effort Lucas!
02DOliver KFor your ability to complete all tasks to a high standard and your participation in specialist subjects.
02MRogan RFor being willing to regularly contribute to the group’s learning during WebEx ‘live lessons’ and putting a consistent effort into your work this term.
02NHeidi KFor a wonderful effort on all home learning and specialist tasks, including the RU OK activities. A great attitude Heidi.
02TArcher BFor your excellent effort with writing a persuasive letter and working hard to edit and make improvements. Well done!
03DHarrison SFor his creativity with his 'Shark Tank' project, completing tasks to a high standard and taking pride in his work! Keep up the amazing job!
03DEliza GFor taking on feedback, and making valuable contributions to our whole class WebEx meetings! Well done Eliza.
03GTammy LFor her well written explanation piece about her innovation as part of our 'Shark Tank' project. Nice Work!
03HAmy FFor demonstrating a willingness to regularly contribute in our whole class WebEx meetings and for actively taking on feedback to improve. Well done Amy!
03HOllie MFor his creativity, originality and high level of effort used in creating his design, explanation and advertisement of the 'Profecta Projecta' product.
03JSienna MFor the extraordinary time and effort you put in to research, plan, explain and advertise your 'Shark Tank' product.
03JRose BFor your creative genius, designing, making, explaining and advertising your 'Shark Tank' product.
03RSophia MFor her amazing positive attitude towards her Remote Learning and striving for excellence in everything she does!
03RLennox G-NFor his outstanding effort on his project and the completion of all tasks to the best of his ability!
04BGeorgia ZFor her positive outlook every day throughout remote learning, always showing up with a smile on her face and giving it her best!
04HLexi H-MFor her determination, work ethic and positive attitude towards all Remote Learning tasks. Congratulations!
04PAlex OFor making good contributions to our class WebEx meetings and lessons by answering questions, discussing work and sharing stories.
04RFreya LFor giving all aspects of her schooling 100% effort all of the time!
04RLachie SFor an outstanding effort to complete set tasks this week!
56BJosh LFor completing all his online tasks and actively taking on feedback.
56CDeclan PFor working diligently to complete set tasks and his outstanding attendance during remote learning.
56GNoah BFor working really hard to complete or set classroom tasks and showing strong independence.
56GKei FFor being a wonderful contributor during group tasks and always showing determination and self-discipline.
56HCaris CFor consistently working to the best of her ability and contributing during WebEx meetings!
56HKassia HFor her sensational limerick poems that continue to use outstanding vocabulary.
56SNathan AFor a great effort with all tasks and contributing to discussions.
56SNikita CFor trying her best and always bringing a smile to the daily WebEx!
56UEdric NFor completing all his online activities to a very high standard, on a daily basis.
56UMaya SFor being consistent with trying to complete her Seesaw activities and responding to feedback given.


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Community News

Kingston Libraries’ free school holiday program is out now and bookings have opened today. We may have had to switch most activities to either online or take-home, but we have lots on offer for the holidays. I’ve attached a copy of the program, but updated details can be found on our website here - https:/Z/


Some of the highlights include:

  • An author talk with Anna Ciddor
  • An illustration workshop with Marc McBride (learn to draw a dragon!)
  • Dinosaurs & Fossils with Museums Victoria
  • Theatre shows by Carp Productions
  • Aboriginal Culture with Ron Murray (TBC)
  • Retro 80s Zumba for Kids
  • Heaps of take-home craft kits


Also, just a reminder that our Story Lines writing competition closes on Sunday 19 September. There’s still time for your students to submit an entry to win Westfield shopping vouchers. Details here -


Kingston Libraries is open for Click & Collect so you and your school community can still access books and other materials -

We also have thousands of eBooks and eAudiobooks that are accessible 24/7 -