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From The Principal

Dear Families,

On behalf of our school, we want to say a big thank you to all our students, parents and carers for your continued resilience and support during Term 3 and Term 4. We know remote and flexible learning has not always been easy, but through our collective efforts, our students have continued to make valuable progress in their learning.

Please ensure you read all the information in the Compass posts made earlier this week.
  • Staggered Return to Onsite Learning.
  • Student Arrival and Departure Information commencing Monday 18th October.

Leanne Bradney

What's Happening!


For the last few weeks in Foundation, we have been learning all about digraphs! These are when two consonants work together to make one sound. We have learnt the digraphs ch, th, sh, ph and wh, and ng. These new digraph cards will be added to your child’s sound pack when we return to school, along with sounds that were taught during remote learning, so please ensure that sound packs are coming to and from school in reader satchels so that they can be updated.  

We have changed the WebEx timetable this week, to allow for return to school. Please note that the Whole Class WebEx is now at 9:15am and the Maths WebEx is now at 11:45am. 

In Inquiry, we have begun our topic on animals. This week we have learnt about omnivores, herbivores and carnivores. On Thursday in our class WebEx, we had a cooking class where we made a lion’s head out of pancakes and fruit. The students had such a great time! 

We look forward to seeing the students Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday next week in person! On Monday, to help ease initial anxiety about walking into the school grounds by themselves, we recommend organising that your child meet a friend and walk in together. We have also organised a ‘teddy bear hunt’ that your child can partake in as they walk through the grounds to their classroom.  

Please ensure you remind your child to pack their pencil case, write and wipe sleeve and reader satchel in their bag on Monday. 

Thanks for all your support during this challenging time. We can’t wait to be back in the classroom! 

Foundation Teachers 


Welcome back to Term 4! Well done to everyone for getting back into routine quickly last week and returning with a positive attitude. We are very proud of your efforts, but we still have a little way to go so please keep working hard as we will be building on our learning when we return face to face. We are very excited to see all the Grade 1’s back at school next Thursday!

This Term we will be looking at Information Reports as our main Writing focus, then finishing the year with some Persuasive writing. Information report writing ties in beautifully with our Inquiry topic of Minibeasts for the term, where we will practise researching and recording facts. We have already enjoyed seeing the children get outside and hunt for minibeasts at home! In Maths, we have begun our new topic of Money. We will also cover the topics of Fractions/Sharing, as well as Multiplication.

Keep an eye out for Compass and Seesaw posts about returning to school, as there will be information about changes to the timetable and what you need to bring to school. It may be a good idea to start getting your pencil case and school bag organised and ready to go!


Welcome back to Term 4. 

Thank you to our Grade 2 students who have begun this term in such good spirits and are showing a great deal of resilience. We couldn't be prouder teachers!

Beginning this term with writing, we are looking at EXPLANATION texts and writing our own. An explanation piece explains HOW and WHY something happens. The students have been using connective and scientific words specific to the topic. 

In our Maths Groups, we are studying PLACE VALUE. The students are understanding and building numbers to 1000 and beyond, expanding and comparing numbers and revising even and odd numbers. 

PROBLEM SOLVING is our focus for our Applied Maths topic. We have been building our bank of problem-solving strategies and tools that we can use when solving worded Maths questions. So far, we have experimented with using the strategies of drawing pictures, using concrete materials and drawing a table.

Term 4 brings us a new Inquiry topic of HABITATS. The students are looking forward to exploring the different habitats and all that they bring to the animals that live there. For an animal to live in a specific habitat they need water, food and shelter.

We look forward to seeing all the Grade 2 students back at school very soon! 

Grade 2 Teachers



The students have made a tremendous start to Term 4 in remote learning after a well-earned holiday break.  

Reading: To begin the term, the students explored the strategy ‘Distinguishing between Real and Make-believe’ by figuring out which details in a reading passage could or could not happen in real life. This week, they have started to look at the strategy ‘Visualising’. The students have practised using the words, phrases, pictures, headings, and punctuation in the text to help them make a mental image of what is happening in a text. 

Writing: We have been revising the narrative writing genre. The students have been specifically focusing on improving their ability to write engaging ‘sizzling starts’, backfill and ‘tightening the tension’ using detail and description from their senses. In our Writing Revolution lessons, the students practised expanding kernel sentences to include all the information our readers need to know. 

Maths: Within our applied topic, the students enjoyed exploring angles as measures of turn and identifying the different types in everyday situations, objects and even within a picture of themselves striking a pose. The students have been reviewing their knowledge and strategies for multiplication within our number groups. Please continue to encourage your children to regularly practise their times tables and related division facts at home. 

Inquiry: A new term calls for a new inquiry unit - ‘Amazing Australia’. As the name suggests, the students will be learning how places, people and environments are connected. They will investigate the geographical world, including Australia and its neighbouring countries. The students will explore how the location, climate and vegetation can impact on how people live. To begin, the students explored the states and territories of Australia in order to be able to name, identify and locate them on a map.  

Wellbeing: The students participated in a ‘Mindful Safari’ to learn how to use their senses to help them to be present in nature. They also practised using a new breathing strategy to help them to be mindful and calm. 


The Grade 4's students have made an excellent start to the term and although we're beginning Term 4 in a period of remote learning, that hasn't stopped students from pursuing their personal best across all subject areas. 

We are starting the term learning about all aspects of Money. Students are learning how to round to the nearest dollar, calculate change and look at simple financial plans and budgets. 

We've had an amazing time learning all about HOW and WHY as we delve into explanation writing. Students have learned the structure and features of explanation texts and have practised researching and summarising notes in their own words. 

Reading Comprehension
Week 1 was all about idioms, metaphors, and similes! We had fun categorising and interpreting different forms of figurate language. This week, in line with explanation writing, students have practised summarising main ideas. 

Inquiry - GAME OF LIFE! 
Over the course of this term, students will be exploring all aspects of physical and emotional health as part of our inquiry topic. We've started by learning about leadership and setting goals. This topic links closely to our Student Welfare program, so we'll be continuing to learn about Gratitude, Empathy and Mindfulness as part of our work with the Resilience Project. 


The students have continued their work on data and graphs this week following on from our introductory activity at the end of Term 3. Staff have been using students’ test results from Essential Assessment to structure their lessons according to the individual needs of students and their groups. On Friday this term, we have added a maths problem solving activity to our weekly schedule.

Students have continued to complete a variety of reading comprehension activities this term. These tasks have mostly been based on non-fiction texts relating to earth and its structure, earthquakes and plate tectonics. These texts align closely to our Inquiry topic, 'Think Global, Act Local', which explores natural disasters and the Earth. The writing genre for this week has been palindromes. Students have been challenged to follow the correct structure, use a variety of figurative devices and include descriptive language in their writing.

Grade 5 and Grade 6 Activities:
Grade 5 students have completed a number of different activities related to the topic of ‘What qualities does a leader need?’. The aim of these activities is for the children to identify the kind of leader that want to be. Grade 6 students are beginning to work on the final copies of their memory book entries. Students have also been asked for their input with regards to graduation and their feelings/thoughts about their transition into Year 7.

Living and Growing Program
Students have now taken part in two of their three weekly sessions. This week’s focus was on puberty while last week, students completed a homework task titled ‘Investigating a new baby’. Children have also been provided with the opportunity to ask anonymous questions via a link which can only be accessed by SEA staff members.

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