Grade 5/6

Role modeling:

All Grade 5/6 children are seen as leaders of the school. The upper grade students are expected to behave in a courteous and respectful manner to all teaching staff, fellow students and visitors. With their particular responsibility as role models, their helpful, positive attitude is very important to the well being for the rest of our school.






We continue with reading, writing, spelling, grammar, speaking & listening. The children work in whole class activities, cooperatively in groups and also on independent tasks. The CAFÉ reading program continues as a major learning focus.





We have two different types of maths being taught throughout Grade 5/6, Numeracy groups and Applied groups.



As in past years, students will be in near like ability groups. Regular assessment tracks children’s progress and where necessary children may be relocated according to their results throughout the year.


Applied Maths: 

Incorporated in our Maths curriculum are the applied maths activities. These topics cover Measurement and Geometry as well as Statistics and Probability.



We incorporate and link the science activities to our themes or run stand alone sessions. We cover the science understandings of Biological, Chemical, Earth and Space and Physical Sciences.


Areas of Interest: 

Moving away from the more traditional themes and methods of delivery, instead it involves the children negotiating how they will achieve the intended outcomes – becoming more responsible for their learning.  The tasks are open ended allowing for greater creativity and scope. We encourage independent learning, negotiation and allow students to make choices in their learning.

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