Digital Technologies


Laptops, iPads and interactive whiteboards are an integral part of the school’s technology program. Each classroom has access to an interactive whiteboard, bank of computers and iPads. The school is also equipped with a computer lab where a specialist teacher provides weekly sessions for all students. A variety of applications and programs are used to enhance both ICT/DT abilities and problem solving skills. 


2018 Digital Technologies Agreement



Digital Technologies Captains 2018

Sammy, Oscar, Jasmin and Flynn



Coding is taught from Foundation to Grade 6 using a range of appropriate activities. Coding lessons begin with hands on activities such as board games and group activities, while later lessons involve the use of apps and also the programming of robots.  





Students primarily use Microsoft Office for word processing, slideshow presentations and data based activities. Applications on the iPads supplement this, while also allowing videos to be created. Keyboard knowledge and touch typing skills are taught to each year level. Each week our Grade 6 Peer Support Monitors assist the Foundation students during their Digital Technology lessons.




Parkdale Primary school is an eSmart school. eSmart is an initiative designed to help schools improve cybersafety and reduce cyberbullying and bullying. Cybersafety is a priority and is taught and revisited each year.