MYTERN (Take Emotional Responsibility Now) is a proactive and preventative intervention designed to create emotional fitness, increasing both resilience and wellbeing. 


As a skill MYTERN is unique, as it is designed for the whole school community (students, staff and parents) creating a common language that crosses all barriers (age, gender, school and home).


Using a metaphor of the road and a steering wheel, MYTERN teaches that life is a balance between the good and the not so good roads, and that all roads need to be travelled in order to build health and resilience.


When individuals develop emotional resilience, they are more likely to be able to handle the added pressures of life, enabling them to perform better academically; improve their relationships; and be generally happier within themselves.


It is based on salutogenesis (salut=health, genesis=the creation of) and therefore focuses on creating health from everyday situations and stressors in a realistic and practical manner. It represents a way of thinking which evolves when practised.


Like reading and writing, the skill of MYTERN is acquired through daily practise, and is just as essential a skill to master as literacy and numeracy. It is a skill which is not only for those who are experiencing difficulties, but for everyone, regardless of their situation or age.

Daily practiseis achievedvia the use of a school-wide common language, stimulated by everyday altercations and stressors (encountered at school and at home), MYTERN songs and the posters which are displayed in every classroom.


The MYTERN App is also available for the parents and staff, as well as for the senior students. Receiving a daily MYTERN message via the MYTERN App acts as a virtual or cyber supervisor, prompting you to learn and apply the skill daily.


How MYTERN is introduced into the school community

It is introduced into a primary school via a PD for staff and an information night for parents. The main feature that sets MYTERN apart is that it becomes a powerful communal language. 


MYTERN focuses on creating emotional intelligence, health and resilience from everyday situations, be they positive or negative, in a realistic and practical way. It is based on a simple metaphor: 

  • YOU are the driver and only YOU have control of the steering wheel.
  • Each road you drive down is an emotion (your emotions are also your inbuilt GPS).
  • It is always your choice as to which road of emotion you drive down.
  • There are two sets of roads that everyone needs to travel - one builds your health (green); the other builds your resilience (red). If you stay on the red roads for too long, your health will begin to deteriorate.


                                  MYTERN is the creation of Dr Jane Foster


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