Parkdale Primary is cashless.  We encourage the use of the Qkr! (pronounced "quicker") app to make your life easier.  Qkr! is used very successfully in many schools across Australia with feedback from both parents and administration staff being overwhelmingly positive.   Click HERE for a user guide.

The app offers mobile payment technology and aims to save parents time for school based accounts.  Qkr! is a MasterCard initiative, it enables payment from most financial institutions and major credit cards with safe and secure MasterCard technology.

The Qkr! app lets parents use their smartphones for many school items as they are available across the school year e.g special lunch days. For those without access to a smart phone there is a web-based version available

Qkr! is a free app.  After registering your email address you will need to select our school and follow the prompts.

Should you have any questions regarding the use of Qkr! app, please contact the office.  We hope you enjoy the flexibility in managing your school payments.

Qkr! Website –  Make Payments Via a Computer

Using Google Chrome or Mozilla Firefox please click here to open Qkr on a desktop or laptop computer.

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