Visual Arts



At Parkdale Primary School we are committed to engage, inspire and challenge students by giving them opportunities, knowledge and skills to experiment, invent and create their own works of art. We wish to inspire imagination, provide a positive environment which makes curiosity, creativity, personal expression and gratification possible.


The student’s Visual Art programs are based on the Victorian Curriculum and involves the dimensions: ‘Explore and Express’, ‘Visual Arts Practices’, ‘Present and Perform’ and ‘Respond and Interpret’. The art programs provide developmentally sequenced activities. Our units of work include the study of historical and contemporary artists, the acknowledgement of Indigenous Australians, connections with Asia and considering sustainability in Art. We seek to provide understanding of the art genres, the seven art areas and the seven elements of art.


Visual Arts is a dynamic part of the curriculum from Foundation to Grade 6, where students attend a 50-minute class weekly in our wonderful purpose-built art room.

Our main building’s corridor displays our student’s artworks, which inspires others and gives a sense of belonging and acceptance. At Parkdale Primary School we continue to be proud of our student’s creative achievements.


Mrs Michelle Richard

Visual Arts Teacher



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