Grade 4

 Welcome to Grade Four




The Grade 4 curriculum is covered in Victorian Curriculum Level 4. All students will be working towards proficiency in all curriculum areas against these standards.


The Grade 4 English program is made up of Reading, Writing and Speaking and Listening, and is in accordance with the Victorian Curriculum. Our English program also incorporates the explicit teaching of spelling, punctuation and grammar.

CAFÉ Reading:
Through explicit teaching of a range of strategies and individual conferencing sessions, students are able to further develop their comprehension, accuracy, and fluency as well as work towards expanding their own vocabulary.

AR Reading:
The AR Reading Program allows children to read at their own pace and at their own level.  Students borrow and read books from within a range established by their online assessment task.  When a student finishes a book, they complete an online multiple choice quiz to assess their reading comprehension and are awarded points which they accumulate towards an individual target that is set at the beginning of each term.




Grade 4 students will continue to utilise the VOICES writing program in order to revise and develop key vocabulary, planning, organising and editing strategies. Students will plan, construct and edit a  variety texts relating to genres such as persuasive, narrative, poetry, response, informational texts, procedural texts and recounts.

Mathematics has three dimensions: Number and Algebra, Measurement and Geometry and Statistics and Probability. The children are placed in like ability groups. They attend these sessions four times a week. To assist us in determining these groups, children are pre-tested on each specific topic being covered. This allows for some movement across the groups and enables us to plan lesson

s that best suit each student’s learning needs. At the end of each unit, the students complete a post-test to determine learning growth.




Inquiry Themes:


The themes for this year are as follows:

Term 1 – ‘Learning how to Learn’/ Why? Why? Why? (Science)

Term 2 – ‘Looking Backward and Looking Forward’ (History)

Term 3 – ‘Our Island Nation’ (Geography)

Term 4 - 'Game of Life' (Health)


Grade 4 Team

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