Performing Arts


Performing Arts comprises of four main components: Music, Dance, Drama and Media. Each week students attend a session that runs for 50 minutes. Students will be provided with the opportunity to perform at assembly and other events throughout the year. The children also perform in our whole school concert which is held bi-annually, or a Christmas concert in the alternate years.


2018 Performing Arts Captains

Imala, Alice, Koen and Aimee


All year 3 and 4 students learn the recorder. Each students buys their own in order to learn how to care for an instrument. Students work both in groups and individually in order to learn pieces for performances such as concerts. They also improvise and create their own songs or pieces.




All year 5 and 6 students learn the ukulele. These instruments are supplied by the school but students are encouraged to purchase their own if they wish. Learning ukulele is a fun way to follow on from learning the recorder focusing on chord patterns more than individual notes. They learn pieces as a whole class as well as working individually or in small groups to create their own musical works.


Our choir can be attended by students once a week. They perform at assembly and occasionally go to the library or elderly homes to perform on special occasions.



Grandparents’ Day

The whole school performs during the morning to entertain their special guests showcasing their fabulous singing or dance abilities. Christmas Concert is held in alternate years. Parents attend with picnics and are entertained by festive performances from each class. The Year 6 students perform in a special Christmas
play they create.

Whole School Concert

This is held at the Palais Theatre every 2nd year and is a definite highlight, involving costumes, singing, dancing and acting culminating in an extravaganza