Grade 6

2023 Grade 6 Parent Information Handbook


Super Six Values:  

The Super Six Values were created to identify the key morals that embody Parkdale Primary School. The values that were chosen are Responsibility, Respect, Resilience, Integrity, Cooperation and Excellence. These values are continuously modelled, discussed and celebrated across the Grade 6 cohort and Parkdale community.  



Literacy incorporates 3 dimensions: Reading, Writing and Speaking & Listening. Literacy sessions are taught each morning (depending on the specialist timetable). A holistic approach is taken when teaching spelling, punctuation, grammar and writing. This is to ensure optimal learning and success for our students.


In Grade 6, students are allocated reading time in the classroom. In these sessions, the children will often practise their reading  independently, with a partner, small group and with their teacher; ensuring ongoing conferencing and assessment is taking place. Students are also required to read at least 4 nights of the week for 20 minutes. 


The Big 5

The Big 5 underpins our Reading Instruction from Foundation to Grade 6. We believe the 5 pillars of: Phonological/Phonemic Awareness; Phonics; Vocabulary; Fluency and Comprehension are the essentials for reading success. We use a structured literacy approach incorporating MSL/OG and a range of effective programs under the Big 5 umbrella. At Parkdale Primary School we reflect on what works best for our students, research best practice and adjust accordingly.



The Grade 6 team have conducted expansive research into the teaching and learning of vocabulary and spelling and as such, have embarked on a new teaching/learning approach. Research suggests that a student’s vocabulary has a significant effect on their ability to read and write. Students will now be given a certain amount of Tier 2 words to focus on and analyse in detail. This will ensure full comprehension of the word; with the ultimate goal of enhancing their vocabulary in writing.  



Students will have 5 hours of Maths per week. Mathematics is broken into three scopes: Number and

Algebra, Measurement and Geometry and Statistics and Probability. Students are placed into ability Number Groups at the start of the year, however through regular assessment, students may move groups to ensure their learning needs are being met.

To determine these groups, children are pre-tested on each specific topic being covered, this alongside a weekly Friday review, will allow for movement across the groups and will enable the teachers to plan lessons that best suit each student’s learning abilities. At the end of each unit, the students complete a post-test to ascertain learning growth.


Inquiry Themes:  

Moving away from the more traditional themes and methods of delivery, our inquiry units involve the children negotiating how they will achieve the intended outcomes, becoming more responsible for their learning. The tasks are open-ended allowing for greater creativity and scope. We encourage independent learning, negotiation and allow students to make choices in their learning.  The themes that will be covered this year include:  

  • Term 1 – We Dream of Space
  • Term 2 – Political Power          
  • Term 3 – Arriving in Australia             
  • Term 4 – Bizarre Bazaar



Interschool Sport:  

Throughout the year, Gala days are held; enabling students to compete in their sport against other teams in our district. All students participate in Grade 6 sport between 9am and 11:15am every Friday. Students are provided with the opportunity to choose a summer and winter sport to participate in over the year. During these sessions, the children build upon the wide range of skills covered in formal P.E lessons.

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