Grade 2


READING - Our Grade 2 CAFE reading program aims to build a love for books and reading, while supporting students to develop the strategies and behaviours necessary for successful reading and comprehension of texts. The strategies fall under 4 headings Comprehension, Accuracy, Fluency and Expand Vocabulary (CAFÉ). Across the week, students participate in ‘Daily 3’ reading, CAFE mini-lessons, 1:1 student/teacher conferencing, and small group work.


WRITING - We use a VOICES approach for teaching writing and all its components. VOICES stands for Voice, Organisation, Ideas, Conventions, Excellent word choice, and Sense and fluency. Different genres are taught throughout the year and students are exposed to a broad range of texts (print and digital), which they study through a variety of activities.



Students participate in daily Maths sessions, within flexible groupings, where they work with students in different classes as well as their own. Problem-solving strategies are explicitly taught, and a range of activities are provided, which allow students to apply learned strategies, while developing persistence and teamwork skills.



Our Inquiry units integrate the above curriculum areas with Science and Humanities. Themes are varied and encourage students to think on a personal, community and global scale. Units are developed in line with the Victorian Curriculum and aim to engage students by promoting student choice, building curiosity, and developing questioning and investigation skills.



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