Nessy Reading and Spelling is an online diagnostic reading program that includes the essential components needed for children to learn to read and spell successfully.

ï‚· Phoneme-Grapheme Correspondences
ï‚· Six syllable types
ï‚· Suffixes
ï‚· Rhyming skills
ï‚· Phoneme identity, blending and segmentation
ï‚· Phonological awareness
ï‚· Phonics and word recognition
ï‚· Vocabulary, fluency and comprehension


If you would like to have a look at the program, you can access the Nessy website by simply clicking HERE


The program will constantly assess a child’s reading skills and reports are generated and emailed to the teacher each week. These will then provide the basis for specific teaching groups in the classroom.


The program was designed specifically for dyslexic children but we feel that it has a lot to offer any child who needs a little extra assistance with their reading and spelling strategies.


Children from Grade 2-4 are selected by teachers for inclusion on this program and notes are sent home notifying parents. Selected students participate in three or four supervised sessions of the program each week during class time.

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