Grade 3

Welcome to Grade 3 at Parkdale Primary School.


The Grade 3 curriculum is covered within the Victorian Curriculum Level 3. All students will be working towards proficiency in all curriculum areas against these standards.



Literacy encompasses 3 dimensions: Reading, Writing, Speaking and Listening. During every week, we will be planning activities in all areas.  Literacy sessions are taught each morning (depending on the specialist timetable). Spelling, punctuation and grammar are all formally taught.


CAFE reading is a whole school program which underpins our literacy sessions. CAFE is an acronym for the four major components of reading. They are:

  • C for Comprehension (I understand what I read)
  • A for Accuracy (I can read the words)
  • F for Fluency  (I can read smoothly with few errors)
  • E for Expanding Vocabulary (I know, find and use interesting words)

The children will learn reading strategies within each category. These strategies will become tools for the children to use to help them become better readers and writers. 



In Year 3, reading takes place within the classroom each day and is encouraged as much as possible at home, ideally every night or morning. At school, the children will practise their reading with a partner, a parent helper, independently, as well as with their teacher for regular monitoring and assessment. Reading time is also known as ‘The Daily 3.’ ‘The Daily 3’ gives children the opportunity to choose to read to self, read with partner, or, listen to reading (on the computer). 



reading 1              Reading 2



AR Reading

The AR Reading Program allows children to read at their own pace and at their own level.  Students read books from within a range established by their on-line assessment task.  When they finish their books, students complete a multiple choice quiz on the computer to assess their reading comprehension. You can check to see if they are on the A.R. list at using the following site:



Mathematics has three dimensions: Number and Algebra, Measurement and Geometry and Statistics and Probability.  They attend these sessions four times a week. To determine these groups, children are pre-tested on each specific topic being covered. This allows for movement across the groups and enables us to plan lessons that best suit each student’s learning needs. At the end of each unit, the students complete a post-test to ascertain learning growth. In maths, we will utilise the 4 teachers across the grade 3 areas to enable us to fully extend and support the students at their individual point of need.



These sessions aim to build students team work and social skills as well as enabling us to cover a broader range of the curriculum. Activities include: science, higher thinking skills, Play is the Way, Resilience Project and technology.



All students participate in sport between 12:50 and 1:40 on Fridays. During these sessions the children build upon the skills covered in formal P.E. sessions.



Students in grade 3 students attend a three day camp each year. Depending on the year, camp is held at either Philip Island or Forest Edge. 

Camp                                    Camp



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