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Here is an overview of the programs we run at Parkdale Primary School in Grade 1.


Literacy encompasses 3 dimensions: Reading and Viewing, Writing, Speaking and Listening. Within this time students are presented with many opportunities to develop all three dimensions.
Word study, handwriting, punctuation and grammar are also taught.


The Big 5 underpins our Reading Instruction from Foundation to Grade 6. We believe the 5 pillars of: Phonological/Phonemic Awareness; Phonics; Vocabulary; Fluency; and Comprehension are the essentials for reading success. We use a structured literacy approach incorporating MSL/OG and a range of effective programs under the Big 5 umbrella. At Parkdale Primary School we reflect on what works best for our students, research best practice, and adjust accordingly.

In Grade 1, students will read in a variety of ways each day. This may be with a teacher, to themselves or a partner. We also invite parent helpers to assist with our reading program.

Take Home Reading

Students will bring home decodable and/or levelled readers to practice and consolidate reading at home. We encourage students to read each night.


A number of genres are taught in grade one, including recount writing, narratives, procedural texts, poetry and information reports. We use a range of resources and hands on experiences to assist with our writing genres.

Word Study

Our Word Study program uses the Multisensory Structured Learning/Orton Gillingham (MSL/OG) evidence based approach. Students will actively participate in a spelling program which explicitly teaches spelling concepts and enhances the opportunity for the consolidation of knowledge through application during literacy sessions.

Sound Packs

Students will continue to use their Sound Packs in Grade 1. The Sound Pack assists with:

Decoding – practise letter to sound

  • Building instant recall
  • Consolidating their understanding of spelling concepts taught (the new sound will be added to the pack once the sound and rule is taught)



Mathematics has 3 dimensions: Number and Algebra, Measurement and Geometry, and Statistics and Probability.

At Parkdale P.S. children are pre tested on upcoming maths concepts. This information informs our teaching, as well as the student’s areas of needs. Children are then grouped accordingly for Number concepts. Applied topics (Measurement and Geometry and Statistics and Probability) will be taught by your child’s home group teacher with their class. Lessons will be differentiated and will target the needs of the children in the class and cohort.

All Maths lessons will incorporate the 4 proficiencies of Understanding, Fluency, Problem Solving and Reasoning.





The inquiry units for Grade One are:

  • Term 1 – ‘Learning How to Learn’/‘Families Past and Present’
  • Term 2 – ‘Weather in my World’
  • Term 3 – ‘Australia’ – (States and Territories, capital cities and landmarks)
  • Term 4 – ‘Mini Beasts’

Inquiry is linked to other areas of the curriculum throughout the term.



See the link to the information book for a detailed outline of all our programs in Grade 1.


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