All students at Parkdale Primary School attend a 50 minute Japanese session once a week. The lessons take place in the Japanese room. A full-time Japanese teacher provides a Japanese program using varied songs, stories, games, arts and crafts. The children also participate in a whole school cultural day once a year. 








Parkdale Primary School held its annual Japanese Day. Students and teachers dressed in Japanese costumes and used Japanese greetings all day. Everyone enjoyed showing off their creative costumes and singing the famous ‘Baby Shark’ song in Japanese at the special assembly. They also enjoyed a delicious sushi lunch. Students were involved in a Japanese incursion during the week.

Students learnt about Japanese origami culture and how origami techniques can be used in our society, and not only for art. They participated in a whole school origami carp kite collaboration. Carp kites are displayed for Children’s Day in Japan to wish children a healthy and happy future. As carps swim against the stream in the river, they are wished upon to help children strong enough to overcome obstacles in their lives.






Harmony Day is a celebration of our cultural diversity – a day of cultural respect for everyone who calls Australia home. Our diversity makes Australia a great place to live.
This paper quilt was the 2018 Harmony Day activity at our school. In Japanese, we all discussed the range of different cultural backgrounds that we have at our school. We read the story 'I am Australian Too' by Mem Fox and learnt that there are many people who have come to Australia for many reasons. This poster represents Australia. The individual pieces look different just as we are all different. But when we put the pieces together they create a beautiful, harmonious picture.