At Parkdale Primary School, students attend a 45-minute Japanese lesson per week. Students learn Japanese language and culture through various songs, stories, role-play, media, traditional festivals, arts and crafts provided by Japanese native teachers (sensei). The use of iPads/laptops gives students opportunities to consolidate their skills and display their learning.  





Students and teachers can dress up in Japanese themed costumes and are encouraged to use Japanese greetings all day. 

Examples of activities during the Japanese Days/Weeks held in the past years include: Japanese cultural incursions and activities such as storytelling, Taiko drumming, origami, Japanese craft, paper sumo competition, sushi making, etc. Delicious sushi lunch order can be an option on the Japanese Day.



Harmony Day is a celebration of our cultural diversity – a day of cultural respect for everyone who calls Australia home. Our diversity makes Australia a great place to live. 

There are beautiful displays of students’ past Harmony Week artworks throughout the school. Their artwork demonstrates their understanding of the Harmony Week themes such as “everyone is different and our differences make this world unique and wonderful”, “It’s ok to be different”, “All are welcome” and “People have different lifestyles, language backgrounds and beliefs, but inside have hearts just like everyone else”. 












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