PPS Dads


Welcome to Parkdale Primary School from the PPS Dads network.


We were established in 2017 by a small group of dads after the tragic death of a third dad from the school since the start of 2015, due to mental health issues. The intention of the network has been to create a stronger network of dads in our school community where we can Educate, Entertain and Encourage each other to become the best dads we can be.


Attached is a presentation aimed to provide information about who we are, why we were established and what we focus on. 


Please have a look at our presentation and if you haven’t signed up yet please download the Teamapp application and get on board. Simply search for Parkdale Primary School Dads and request to join the team, which we will gladly accept. We continue to use Teamapp as our main source of direct contact with the dads community but will also continue to post information on mental health on our Facebook page (https//facebook.com/ppsdads)and use Compass to ensure we can effectively communicate with as many families as possible in this wonderful school community.

Additional Information

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